Good-Bye CTC

Today is it. My last IVIG appointment. I am 35 weeks (if you can believe it) and after this I will be spending my Thursdays elsewhere. Next week I will be with my period 1s as they write their final exam and after that - who knows. January 30 is my last day of work so I have an open schedule (that I am looking forward to filling).

At my 33 week IVIG treatment I said goodbye to one of the staff who was going on holidays and wouldn't return before today. She is a warm, loving soul and when she gave me a hug I felt myself tear up. The women who work at CTC have been such a part of my story. I hope never to be back getting poked by them, but I sure hope I see them again.  As much as I have had feelings of sadness about saying goodbye, I almost felt a bit giddy today driving to the hospital. I am almost done. Pregnancy doesn't suit me and I am on my way out.

To celebrate my last appointment my sister, Jes, and sister-in-law, Brittany, are coming by to have lunch with me. I order from and Jes picks it up. I think Jes is also getting us a treat for dessert as it was Brittany's birthday yesterday. I will likely leave CTC feeling sick from eating too much. After my appointment I am going to buy new slippers. If you recall when I was pregnant with Boone I bought myself new slippers after my last appointment. They are looking pretty ratty these days and feeling pretty thin, so I figured slippers were again the perfect fix. I will post some pics and let you know what I go with - I have a new style in mind :-)

I also decided to celebrate my last treatment by not doing any work. Typically I do 3 - 4 hours worth of school work here (marking, prepping exams, and contacting parents). I took Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve off and now I am taking week 35 off. It feels like a treat to have nothing pressing to do other than catch up on some writing and some reading.
I will not miss this. AT. ALL.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Congrats on the last appt! And yay for slippers and ordering from skip. What did you get?


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