Christmas with the Clarkes

This year's New Year's with the Clarkes took place the weekend of Dec. 27. Danielle is due at the start of January, so we wanted to increase our odds of getting a visit in before her bundle arrives. This year we decided to hotel it, which was a fun way to mix it up. I did a TERRIBLE job of getting photos! 

This top shot is at the pool. Boone went down the water slide unassisted about 189 times. He LOVED it and actually would sign and say "more" as soon as Hugh lifted him out of the water at the end of each ride. 

Both Jack and Calder were pumped to stay in a hotel and all three kids did amazing eating out. I know that Hugh and Jordan didn't get as much of a visit in as Danielle and I. They spent most of our quick visit chasing kids at the Science Center or preventing them from sinking to the bottom of the pool! Sacrifices have to be made and Danielle and I were thankful to be pregnant and not have to make any this year!

Happy Monday!


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