Random Thoughts

Today is a quiet day at the hospital. It is treatment day and usually the Clinical Treatment Center is buzzing with clients. Today I have a bay to myself. I am enjoying this quiet change of pace.

My treatments started off rough in August (not as rough as when I was pregnant with Boone, mind you), but have gotten almost to the point of easy (GASP). If I drink lots, I have had minimal headaches (and some weeks not any!). I am very tired which is a side affect of IVIG, but I am also 27 weeks pregnant, working full-time and co-parenting 2 kids. Oh, and did I mention I have had a cold for 3 weeks?

My mom and sister have both asked me in the last week if I have been getting Braxton Hicks. Apparently, they are so par for my course that I have forgotten to complain about them! I am getting them, but haven't bothered to count how many a day. I will guess somewhere around 20. They occasionally wake me up at night. This isn't because they hurt, but because they push on my bladder and I feel like I have to hit the washroom! I am now in the habit of touching my belly every time I have the urge to pee during the night. If it's a Braxton Hicks false alarm, I get to roll over and doze back off!

I guess since I talking about my pregnancy it is as good a time as any to make a confession. I have gained A LOT of weight. I am actually a bit depressed when I think about it. I am currently about 5 pounds shy of the total weight I gained while pregnant with each of the other 3. This puts me on track to gain well over 40 pounds (probably about 45 which is about 10 more than with Boone). This may not sound like a big deal, but I like being healthy and would have like to have stayed with in the 30 to 35 pounds of weight gain that is recommended. I also like my old body and the more weight I gain now, the longer it will take to get my old body back. The icing on this big, fat cake, is that I am having back and pelvic pain. I know that the added weight is not helping these aches and pains.  Sigh. Nothing to be done now, but eat healthy from this point forward. I will do my best, but will power and the holidays don't really exist in my world (case and point - the abnormal amount of mini chocolate bars I ate at Halloween).

On to happier, less complainy news. I am REALLY excited about Christmas this year. Often I dread the work that comes with it, but I am actually going to put up my Christmas decoration a bit early. I typically have the December first rule, but I took a personal day tomorrow and Calder and I may get a start on it in the morning! I can't wait to pull out my Michael Buble Christmas playlist, light some candles, and decorate. In added good news to my holiday prep, it is supposed to snow tomorrow and what a better way to decorate than with snow flying. Hugh won't be quite as thrilled as all he seems to do these days is shovel.  Calder is also quite excited to make sugar cookies (they are his absolute favorite), so I think we will make the dough tomorrow so that we can bake and decorate them on the weekend. I AM PUMPED!

In other Christmas news, I have actually got quite a bit of shopping done. I hit up Target one afternoon and have purchased a bunch of stuff online (mostly Chapters - they have WAY more than just books!). Hugh and I booked a sitter for the boys tomorrow night and are going to try and complete our list. We wanted to go before December and on a weeknight to try and avoid some of the Christmas maddness/weekend rush. This morning I heard on the radio tomorrow is Black Friday. Oops. Hugh wanted to reschedule, but I want to check this off my list so we will be battling crowds. I will be napping tomorrow in preparation. LOL

Have a great Thursday!


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