Halloween 2014

Halloween . . . is not my favorite holiday. I hate dressing up (it is stressful for me to find a costume). But I do love Halloween all the same. I mean, seriously, both my kids were PUMPED about it (Well, Calder was before hand and Boone was once his bucket started getting filled with candy).

I'm not sure what Calder is doing in his pumpkin carving shot. Maybe some sort of dinosaur growl? On the other hand, I know exactly what Boone is doing. His "funny" face. He has now started to think when we say smile, that it means he should make this face!

Here are a couple shots of our crew. The Hulk is Dylan and Batman is Drew. They come in every year to trick-or-treat on our crescent with us. We love it. This tradition might not last forever, but we will soak up every fun filled moment until it ends! Boone is growling his dragon growl at Drew in this shot. He growled at everyone on Halloween. Seriously. Hugh said that every time a door opened at a new house that Boone would growl at the owner! He's not one bit shy ;-)

I recognize that Calder's costume might be a bit on the small side, but he really wanted to be a dinosaur and this was the largest costume I could find. Next year, we are going to have to start our costume hunt early (And by early I mean the summer - I bought this one in September!) if he wants to be a dinosaur for the 4th year in a row!

Here are our finished pumpkins (well, that was a bit obvious). Calder requested one for every member of our family again this year and the first one I brought into the house he declared was Tripp's. This year I didn't get any for Hugh or myself. I anticipated way too much carving! I did Boone's on the right, Hugh did Tripp's. His name looked absolutely perfect. . . .until Cleo (our dog), ate it. Hugh sat it on the floor the morning after we carved it and Cleo decided she needed a snack. Sigh. Calder did the middle one. Of course, he had to have the biggest. We were very proud of Calder. he drew his own face and carved it out all by himself. Don't panic, we used that pumpkin carving knives and supervised!  The mouth was his favorite part, because it looked like a bat.

Have a great Friday - and I hope you are enjoying your kids' candy as much as we are!


  1. Those kids.. or dinos! SO SO Adorable.

    Love the funny face too... those cheeks! :)

    Looks like quite the fun holiday! :)


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