The Craziness

June has been crazy at our house. It feels like things should be winding down and our time commitments less, but there is so much work that comes from winding down.

Things have to give when the craziness hits. I have missed the last two of my #DCMOOC classes. Luckily they are recorded and I can go back and watch them later. Those may be pushed to the summer. I have almost dropped my blog entirely. This is the one that hurts the most. I have so many things to write about but don't have the time or the energy when I do have the time. I recently read an article about enjoying your thirties. One of the things on the list were find a hobby you enjoy and take the time to do it. For me it is writing and documenting our family in videos and photographs. You have been witness to the slack-off in the blog department, but this slack-off has also occurred in the visual documentation of my family. In fact, this morning I was so distraught that I hadn't videotaped Boone in over a month that I taped him eat his breakfast! Boring. But at least I have some images of his chubby little cheeks and the way he tips his sippy cup straight up the the ceiling when he drinks. We also missed taping Calder's soccer. He is so good (yes he is my child and yes I am very biased, not to mention very, very proud). I know we aren't going to look back in 20 years and say, "How come their isn't any footage from May 3 - June 10, 2014", but videos are kind of my super mom thing and I take pride in the fact I rock it.

I get why these things are getting pushed by the wayside. School is crazy this time of year. And if I think it's crazy, it is uber crazy for the elementary teachers. Some kids have the panic on and others don't. Both of these are problematic. I am also very busy communicating with parents, because although I send an updated grade printout home with students after every unit (approximately every 2 - 2.5 weeks), it rarely gets shared with the parents. I actually contact 5 - 10 parents in every class after every exam by email, but during this crunch time it is imperative that I contact even more. I want these kids to have success, but I can't control what my students do outside of my room - that's where good parental support can make a world of difference. I am actually in my classroom right now with two students who were away for a make-up test day because of a canoe trip.

I am also teaching a new class in the fall. Teaching a new class is a pile of work. I can't even begin to tell you the hours I spend working through the content. The last time I saw most of these concepts was university or even high school and that was at least 15 years ago. Yikes. Don't do the math on that one! I am excited about teaching the new course. I love the prep work that goes into it. It is fun creating and spinning the best ways to present material to my students. But like I said, it will be a lot of work this summer, so I am trying to get all my ducks in a row now so that when I do begin to plan it in July I have all the resources necessary.

On top of that there is my garden. I love my garden and my plants. Nurturing this growth is a way I connect to Tripp. We have had a few rain-free days in the yard to enjoy it, but I am looking fowarded to spending more time out there when July 1 hits.

Hugh and I took Friday off to head to the lake. I can't wait. I plan to spend some time writing on Friday. Not sure what time I'll post, but I'm excited to enjoy a cup of coffee (take that acid reflux) and watch my kids play in the sand. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

I've got to go. My mile high list isn't getting any smaller. Happy Wednesday.


  1. Sending you energy to handle June. <3 It's a rough one- I hope the end comes smoothly and you're back "down" quickly so that you can enjoy your summer plans!

  2. Whew - I'm impressed you have any time to blog at all! Hope you have a relaxing time at the lake :)

  3. It seems like such a busy time of the year. I even feel busy and mini-me isn't even school-aged!
    Good for you for documenting your life and your kids. That's awesome, they'll appreciate the effort and won't notice if you miss a few weeks here and there ;)


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