Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge

The Style Me Pretty Challenge is back! Here are the first couple of days:

Day 1 - Coloured shorts, white tee, statement earrings, metallic sandals
There were no shorts in the forecast for me, so these bottoms were subbed in and are deep purple (I got them for around $12 at the Bay!). I dressed it up with a popover (Gap) and nude heels (Nine West). Statement earrings I've had forever and, you can't tell, but I am also wearing a leopard belt (Target).

Day 2 - Denim shirt or vest, stripped top, white shorts, sneakers

I'm still not sure what I think about the denim shirt (Gap). I guess I probably don't like it because I can't decide on it and I've owned it for a couple of months. I wore it twice for the spring challenge and haven't pulled it out since. I don't have a jean vest yet, so thought I would give it a go. I definitely like this outfit more without it. The striped top (Gap) was $6.67 and I bought it in 2 other colours I loved the price and fit so much. The belt is coral (Target) and sadly, I bought the wrong size (Jes, it's all yours). I didn't get the white shorts. I couldn't seem to keep these white pants clean during the last challenge, so figured I would opt out of the shorts. It worked out good for day 2 as it was cool here and I definitely needed the added warmth in my classroom. Shoes were purchased at the end of last season (Nine West or is it Franco Sarto? I can't remember and am too lazy to look). I like them, but they have a tendency to slip off my heel.

Are painted toes a must in the summer? I have a feeling they are, but I am TERRIBLE at keeping them looking nice, so I have a tendency not to paint them at all (better not painted than in desperate need of some paint?!?!).  Please be honest! My feelings won't be hurt if you tell me I really should get painting!

Please check out these other lovely ladies fashion!


  1. I always love how you make the outfit your own. Great start to the challenge. Can't wait to see what you will wear next week!

  2. love your outfits, as usual. About the feet. You, me, pedicures for 40$ and schllac. Ask Heidi if she does it yet, she was talking about it. It will look shiny and awesome all summer. We should be doing that instead of sushi today, remind me to show you my toes.

  3. I think you the shoes are Franco, I have a pair that look pretty similar and they are franco, except mine are yellow. I think that denim shirt looks good, maybe unbutton one more? Show some shirt girl, hehe :)

  4. I had to wear pants the first few days too! You look really cute in both outfits, and I like the denim top. I'm terrible about keeping my toes painted in the summer too!

  5. I agree with Deena, shellac on your toes are a must! I am loving your picture collages to get a close up of those cute shoes!

  6. I think painted toes are a must for summer, too. You look great in your outfits.

  7. Love the outfits. You look great in them. I like the denim shirt, but if you don't, get rid of it.

    I think a fresh pedicure/toenail painting looks good, but if it's not kept up, better to go natural. Incredible shoes are enough attention to the feet!


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