Father's Day 2014

We were at the lake to begin Father's day. It was miserable and raining. The people are always the best part and we were lucky to be in the presence of my parents, brother and sister.  There was a bright-eyed three year old missing, but such is our life. 
Yesterday morning I had a brilliant idea to stand on the deck and take some photos. Overcast is great for taking photos and I can't remember if I even have a photo of just my dad and I. Happy Father's Day, Dad! I also thought it would be great to get a bunch of group shots as well. Needless to say, I forgot. I am counting on my mom, sister, and sister-in-law to help me remember for the July long. The men are useless in that department :-)
Below: Calder and Hugh reading Boone his nap time story. 

It was Hugh's day and his one and only request was to build a lego table for Calder by purchasing big lego grids and gluing them on the underside of our train table. While Calder and Hugh got to work on the project, I gave Boone his before bed bath. I thought it was pretty cool how Boone was filling up all these containers on his own and lining him on the side. He took the odd swig before he placed it down. He flips his head as far back as it will go and chugs it down. I have long given up trying to stop my boys from drinking tub water. It is a battle I'm not willing to fight. I thought he play was so cute that I left the bathroom unmanned for 3.2 seconds and ran to the kitchen for the cameras. I snapped the shot above and moved in for a different angle. That's when I noticed it. . .  Loose baby poop soup.
I yelled for help, but the boys were too busy with their project. Surprise, Surprise. I scooped the big chunks out (gag) and washed the rest down the drain. I then gathered everything that was in the tub and placed it in the dishwasher. Some of the cups I had to pry out of Boone's wet hands. He LOVES the cups. He seemed fairly satisfied with the new versions I placed in a freshly cleaned tub with sparkling new water.

I'm the best wife ever. Happy Father's Day, Hugh.

p.s. This isn't Boone's first time ingesting poop. Read THIS for a little reminder of the last time.


  1. Why IS tubpoop so much more traumatizing than anywhere else? I'm not at all squirmy when it's anywhere else, but for some reason in the bathwater, it just becomes awful!


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