Summer Style Challenge

The Summer Style Challenge is nearly here. I almost forgot to sign up and wanted to make sure you don't miss out! I had such a fun time with the Spring Challenge it was a no-brainer to do the summer one.

I can't tell you how great the Spring Challenge was for me. It helped me better understand what my style is and even more importantly what kinds of clothes look best on me. It was also really uplifting to see all the different women interpreting the daily outfits to fit their body type, work requirements, and lots of times, using what they already had in their closets as substitutions. With the Spring Challenge I really wanted to have EVERYTHING on the list and so I bought almost all of it (with the exception of a few pairs of shoes). It was fun having all the stuff to wear, but this time I am really going to focus on purchasing the stuff I know I will wear. For example, as much as I love the white jeans, I cannot for the life of me keep them clean. Boone's feet hit right on my thighs when I carry him and I have a tendency to bump into dirty things (like my van!). So, if there are white shorts on the list, I won't be purchasing them. Alison from Get Your Pretty On, who has put together all the outfits has already hinted that there will be a maxi dress in the summer challenge. I have worn my maxi skirt once in public (and one other time at home). Most of the maxi dresses I see are strapless or spaghetti strap. I am not a fan of either, so unless I find a wide strapped (that is cheap because I may not wear it much), I won't be purchasing the maxi dress. I will either sub in my skirt or do my own thing entirely on the maxi dress days. LOTS of women do this, so I won't feel bad if I don't have every item (and neither should you).

Here is one of my favourite outfits from the last challenge:
I believe most of these items were substitutions, but I would have never bought a boyfriend cardigan before the challenge, nor would have I layered it with a popover. As well, the only item I bought for the challenge in this ensemble was the cardigan. Like I said, with the summer challenge I am going to do a better job of using what I have.

You have until June 5th at midnight to register. Go HERE now if you are ready to join the fun!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. great outfit!! See you in the Spring Challenge!! So excited to get shopping!

  2. Try Superstore for the maxi dress. I just bought one on the weekend for $19 and it is what I would call a wide racer back. I could wear a bra, and yes my bra staps did show a bit, but not in a trashy way :)

  3. PS - this post convinced me to do the summer challenge. The deadline to decide forced me to just do it!

  4. Jordan - I just bought a maxi dress at Target for $20ish it is wide racerback as well. I agree I hate the strapless or spagetti straps.

  5. I'm excited for the summer challenge to start! I don't have a maxi dress either, but I have found a few with wider straps, so I might give in. Have a great week!

  6. Oh man, do you think there will be one in the fall that I can join? (When I have some money to buy a few newer "missing" pieces... :s ;))

  7. Save me your Maxi skirt and I'll buy it from you! ;-)

  8. I have a tank maxi dress from Old Navy that I wore all last summer! It is not a racer back, so even better -- doesn't show my bra at all! Maxi dresses are way cooler than shorts -- plus you don't have to shave your legs, ha ha!

    I think I will get a strapless maxi dress this year, but I will wear a sweater with it.


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