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Spring is my favourite time of year. I'm not sure if it always was, but I know that since Tripp died I have an even stronger connection to the new life and growth that comes this time of year. It is so amazing to see the green peak out of the ground and grow with such rigour.

Last weekend we were at my mom and dad's seeding, so Hugh and I were really looking forward to getting into our yard this weekend. Saturday was a jammed packed day starting with Martensville's annual garage sale weekend followed by a birthday party. Sunday was all set up to be our yard day.

We got out first thing in the morning and set to work. Hugh had done a bunch of work on Saturday, so I was able to get right to the fun stuff - examining how the perennials faired over the winter and planting annuals! I haven't purchased any flowers, so my main focus was going to be getting all my pots and beds ready and planing the garden (oh, how I love my garden). Things went really well for a couple of hours Sunday morning. And then it rained. UGH. Seriously, this weather does not like me. Needless to say, my garden isn't in yet, but the plan is to pick away at it in the evenings this week. I read THIS article on increasing the yield of bush beans and am going to try letting my pole beans climb up sunflowers this year. I am excited to get them in!

What is your must have in the garden? Our favourites are tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, beans (yellow and green), zucchini, pumpkins, and squash. We have tried other things, but never seem to have too much success (including with carrots and peas). We also have some asparagus given to us a couple of years ago by Deena and this should be the first year we get some meals out of it. I am really looking forward to it!
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I have written a post for my #DCMOOC if you want to check it out. I also went to a technology conference put on by my school division last week. My brain is spilling over with techy stuff. I have SO many things to share. I decided that once a week (or so) I am going to share with you technology piece I have recently been introduced to. Many of you may have heard of some (or all) of these things, but they are new to me, so I figure they will be new to some of you. Here is the first one.

TweetDeckMaybe I should have started with an intro to Twitter? See HERE for an explanation of that! If you want to follow a specific hashtag, this is the website for you. Your customizable TweetDeck allows you to follow multiple feeds at once.
Here is a screenshot from mine last night. On the far left you can see my regular feed. Next to it is the #DCMOOC hashtag I follow. It is next to the hashtag for the conference I was at last week. I enjoyed following that one during the conference, because attendees added information relevant to whatever was going on at the time. Lastly, I just searched Tokarski to illustrate something that is more interest related. I am the absolute last thing from a Montreal Canadiens fan, but when they were the only Canadian team in the playoffs, I put them as my #1. I still didn't like cheering for them, but felt I needed to be patriotic. THEN Dustin Tokarski got between the pipes for the Habs and it became easy. Tokarski has had an amazing career. He has won the Telus Cup (AAA Midget), the Memorial Cup (CHL), the Calder Cup (AHL) and a gold medal for Canada at the World Junior hockey tournament (where he was named MVP). And to top it all off, he is from Watson, Saskatchewan and played for the Prince Albert Mintos while I taught at his high school. He needs to win the Stanley Cup!

Wow. I just got really off topic. Whatever. I LOVE sport!

Get a TweetDeck. You won't regret it! Happy Monday!


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