Looking back at My Happiness Project

I pulled out my copy of The Happiness Project yesterday. I wanted to start reading it again. I flipped to a couple of pages I had dog eared and began scanning. I recalled a lot of what I was reading, but wanted a chance to put it into practice again. What I saw at a quick glance was all so good and applicable to my life that I had a brilliant idea to head back to my original blog post from 3 years ago. It took some effort to find it. I didn't label my posts back then (add going back and adding them to my to-do list), but HERE it is.

Tripp had been gone for 3 months when I started my own Happiness Project. Looking back I can't even fathom how I was even functioning let alone working towards being happier. As I type this my throat is closing up and tears are forming. I don't even like to recall the sadness I was feeling those days. It is still so sad that I very, very rarely every let myself go back to those early days. . . So I'm not going back. Not today, anyway. . . 

Week 2 of My Happiness Project was very similar to what I did 2 weeks ago.  It was all about feeling physically well and getting organized. I have been kicking butt on the organizational part of my life the last few weeks. I am not quite there yet (I still want to work at getting my house a bit more organized, but man I am tired and lazy in the evenings), but I am feeling really good about scratching stuff off of my list.  I realized after reading my week 2 post last night that I really want to get back on the running wagon. I ran once two weeks ago. It was amazing. The weather was beautiful and it felt so good to have sore legs the next day. I know that sounds crazy, but the satisfaction I get from feeling my body work is hard to explain. I really need to do better at committing to it, but I'm not sure how. I think I may have to get Deena and my sister, Jes, to start bombarding me with texts asking me if I have done it. I need some pressure. I am good under pressure. What do you do to get motivated to work out?

I just went back and read week 3 and week 4 of my project. I know now that although getting hounded by Jes and Deena will be great, I need to make a mini-calendar where I check off working out, eating right and getting enough sleep. I need to be accountable and the best way for me to do that is to see it. So here goes. I am making a calendar. I will let you know how I do next week! ACCOUNTABILITY.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You reminded me that I bought this book and NEVER read it!!
    I need to dig it out (I think it's still packed from our January move) and get reading or at least put it somewhere I can see so I read it soon!
    Good luck with your calendar, You got this!!

  2. I'm gonna channel your inner competitive freak and challenge you back on that Nike App that we were doing so well with last summer. We need to have some sort of incentive. I'm on the exact same page as you. I've ran twice in two months and need to make it a priority because it makes everything better.

  3. I loved the Happiness Project book - I think I'm going to feature it in my next "must read" post. It's such a positive book. Sounds like you're doing great getting organized - I need to do some of that. I know what you mean about working out - it makes me feel so much more positive about my day. Have a great week!

  4. Just bought Happier at Home. Were you the one who read it and inspired me to buy it?

  5. Shaunacey, it is such an easy read. You can read a chapter before bed and the information will motivate you for a week (at least). I really like it!
    Deena. We. Are. On.
    Lana, I agree. It is a must read. Inspired me to make a number of positive changes.
    Dani, it wasn't me. Let me know how that one is!
    Katie, yes you do!


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