Apparently, Hugh and I are gift card hoarders.
Years ago when we got a gift card we got in the habit of saving them for a special occasion. This eventually lead to a huge pile up of gift cards. This actually isn't even all of them. After snapping this picture and cleaning them up, Hugh and I found a handful more. 

There is more than $1000 worth of cards here. I am so embarrassed as I type this. Hugh and I now have a new rule to spend gift cards right away. We have a bit of a backlog so it will take us a while to get to that point. We are also going to put these cards in a more easily accessible place so that it makes it easier for us to spend it.

I'm sure I'm getting a lot of pity right now over all the gift cards I have to spend. Ha!

Are you a hoarder or spender?

Happy Monday!


  1. Ms. Fritshaw!! This is I Renee Thunderchild! I sure hope all is well :)

  2. OMG get spending lady!!!!
    Think of all the fun you'll have!

  3. Totally a hoarder here. I always feel like I should save for a "special day"/rainy day/meaningful time.

    And that's why they're still in my wallet. :p

    Yeesh. Enjoy all those awesome dinners out! :)

  4. Hi Renee! How did you find me? I hope all is well with you!

    Dani - My wallet is so stretched out from carrying them around. Maybe I will have to use one of those cards to buy a new one!

  5. I am a spender! It's a bit better now that giftcards don't have expiry dates, but you never know when a business will go out of business!

    I have a file folder thing. One file is giftcards, another file is grocery coupons, another folder is restaurant coupons, etc. It all goes straight in there.

    Whenever we are trying to pinch pennies, when we have to eat out, we try not to spend any money and only use the cards.

    I also re-gift giftcards and sometimes I will even use them to buy gifts sometimes. I know the giver would want me to use it on myself, but honestly, I don't feel bad about it because I feel good saving money!

  6. Yes, I have a little coin purse that holds many of them. I might have to start some sort of a swap for those cards that everyone has that likely will never get used! :s :) hmmm... stay tuned... ;)

  7. OMG. I am so jealous! those would be GONE in my home, although we don't actually get any gift cards! I think the last one I got was from you for chapter's when Jaxen was born!


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