What a week!

It has been crazy around our house this week. This is the first time I have been able to sit down at the computer to write and feel like I won't fall asleep from exhaustion at the keyboard!

Some of the crazy has been life, some of the crazy has been December (the busiest month of the year), and the rest of the crazy has been me getting crazy about life and December!

Hugh has been great. I made a list and he is helping me tackle it. It is hard getting the some of the Christmas stuff done working around naps, activities and carting around 2 kids (who can't be present for some of the shopping!). He reminded me yesterday that December is busy. We just need to suck it up. Hugh and I are homebodies and like our down time. When we start having multiple evening and weekend obligations we get out of sorts. Don't get me wrong, we love all the festivities, we just wish they were spread out over a couple of months instead of one! But obviously that wouldn't be nearly as fun!

My sister had to call me yesterday for a Rosie the Elf update. She needed to hear more and I wasn't providing it here! I figure she can't be the only one, so just to let you know, Rosie has drank syrup through a straw, climbed up our chandelier, found newly wrapped gifts under the tree, unfolded all of Calder's socks, and most recently made a flour snow angel. I have pictures of a couple, but I keep forgetting to snap them! Calder is starting to get a bit of a kick out of Rosie wanting us to immediately jump out of bed and help him scour the house. This being said, he is still creeped out by her. The day she was in his sock drawer, he brought all his clothes into Boone's bedroom or our bedroom to change. He still won't go into the tub without closing the door. Progress is being made, though. We didn't have to give him reassurance to hop in to the tub, at least!

Boone is pulling himself up to stand ALL THE TIME now! I wanted to mention it because I don't want to forget how he pulls himself to stand from his knees by rolling on the fronts of his feet up to his toes. Calder did the same thing. . . Maybe all kids do it, but it looks so painful! I guess their little block feet are meant to be used that way!

This weekend we have hockey, Hugh's staff party, and birthday parties on the agenda. It is December, so we are busy! I hope you have a great,  and I'm sure equally busy, weekend!


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