It's a wrap

Hugh only has 8 days left of school before Christmas. We are so excited to get to spend the holidays with him at home! Calder asked me earlier this week if Christmas was on the weekend. Hugh is only home on weekends, so this inquiry was based solely on that fact. When I told him Christmas was a holiday, he quickly asked about Boxing Day. How the heck does he know about Boxing Day?! 

Hugh and I have put a big dent in my to-do list. It feels awesome. I am going to try and stay busy the next few days and really power through it. Most of the fun things are left, like wrapping gifts and baking, but there are still a few items that I am dreading, like cleaning the house. What can you do?

Rosie pulled quite the stunt on Sunday night. She wrapped both of the boys' doors. Well, I should say she wrapped Calder's door. She tried twice to wrap Boone's and woke him up both times. She did manage to get the paper draped over Boone's and then left a note for me to finish the taping! I totally recommend doing this. Our hall looks super festive. I am thinking of even wrapping our bedroom door. The paper is the perfect width, which makes it really easy to wrap. I'm adding it to the to-do list!

I am getting sick of the cold weather and I think Calder is getting a bit restless as well. Yesterday as I was cleaning up lunch, he told me he was going to set the timer and do some laps. He put 5 minutes on the clock and began running around our island. He ran, he jumped, he walked and when the timer went Calder declared he was making a bigger track. By this time I was on to making buns. Calder gave me strict orders to move the flour out of the way and started running and jumping around the island, down the hall and through the bedrooms. This went on for quite a few minutes when I noticed it had gotten quiet. I gazed down the hall to see what Calder was up to only to find him at the edge of the island on the floor. He was doing push-ups! He may have had straight arms and a really saggy tummy, but they were definitely push-ups. His mid-section was almost hitting the floor! I encouraged him to try and bed his arms and he made a good effort to adjust his form. Huffing, he flipped over into the crab position and began attempting tricep dips! Who needs a treadmill or a home gym?

Happy Wednesday!


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