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This might make you a bit queasy

I have a cold. It was not on the To-Do list. Calder got one on Wednesday, but is luckily starting to feel better. I am not sure what's up with Boone. He seemed to have the start of the cold on Saturday with a fever (didn't have a thermometer so couldn't actually check) and then on Sunday he woke up with this pus filled blister:
Bad quality of shot, but it was hard to snap our wiggly, screaming child. Both Hugh and I wanted to document it. Have you read THIS story? Actress, Sarah Chalke, saved her son's life by being taking things into her own hands. She ultimately aided doctors' discovery of what was wrong with her son by documenting his symptoms with pictures. I am not saying this blister is the start of some horrific disease. I just feel like it is so easy to snap a picture, it is worth the little fight and few tears to get it.

You can see in the shot it is quite red around the blister. The doctor at the walk-in clinic had no idea how he could have gotten in. I wonder if it has anything to do with his thumb sucking habit. He basically only does it to fall asleep, but it is on his go-to thumb. The doctor said that the redness could be a sign of infection, so prescribed antibiotics. After reading online that infections like this can sometimes lead to loss of fingers, we are taking no chances. I also should have possibly stayed away from the internet, but it is so hard to know what you should take your kid to the doctor for.

Later Sunday afternoon it looked like this:

The blister popped. We have no idea where. There will be some gob of puss smeared all over a piece of furniture or a toy in our house. I am not worried about the mess. Our dog, Cleo, has a taste for all things gross and has probably already cleaned it up for me!

It is still red this morning, but he is back to using his left hand, which is a really good sign. Needless to say, we have had a few rough nights as our baby has had to find another way to soothe himself to sleep. His left thumb has been much too sore to use! I am hopeful that it continues to clear up and we can get our babe back on track!

UPDATE: We saw our family doctor today for Boone's 9 month check up. Before I mentioned anything about his thumb sucking, our doctor guessed that he had probably rubbed his teeth on that part of his thumb and irritated it. All of the crawling around led to him getting it infected. She wasn't worried at all and it does look better this afternoon! Hopefully, it won't be long until it is well enough to start sucking again. Our baby is tired and needs some better sleeps! Strange that he can't seem to figure out that his right thumb would serve the same purpose!


  1. OUCH!! Poor Boone!! Hope it heals up quickly!! :(


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