So my brother has started a blog!  He called me yesterday and is pretty excited about it.  He will be writing about his hockey teams playoff run.  (Hopefully, it's a long one!)

He is playing hockey in Rapid City, South Dakota for the Rush.  He LOVES it there.  Rapid City is right next to Mount Rushmore and is a huge tourist center in the summer.  This is Luke's 2nd season in the CHL with the Rush.  He is the captain, this year, and will be leading his team into their first post-season.

We visited Luke this Christmas.  It was so neat to be at Mount Rushmore during the winter.  We went on Christmas eve and were virtually by ourselves.  When we first arrived, we didn't see a soul.  It made me feel incredibly small being next to something so incredible.

Obviously, there is a lot more to Rapid City than Luke and Mount Rushmore, but not for us!

Feel free to check out his blog!


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