What I missed about teaching...

Students coming to talk to me in my classroom about things non-related to my classes.

Planning and organizing that can be done with only a desk, computer and photocopier.  This is opposed to planning and organizing with rubbermaid tubs, dishwashers and a wailing baby.

Catching student's texting.  They think they are SO sneaky.  They aren't.

Getting to know kids.  They are unique, quirky, and fun.

Supportive parents who do everything in their power to ensure their son/daughter acts accordingly when they are with me.

Catching a kid copying answers out of the back of the book, while I am standing at the front TEACHING exactly what he doesn't know!  This is almost as good as calling him on it in front of the class.  (He is a great kid and we all had a good laugh!)

Seeing a student reach out to a classmate, who they don't know, and including them in what they are doing.

Oh...and do I even need to mention math.  I missed MATH!  What could be better than factoring a few polynomials or graphing a quadratic function?

Here I am at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  I am confident in who I am.  A math geek.


  1. Yay! Comments are back...but I can't remember what I want to say the first time...hmm...must've been something about your mathnerdhood.


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