I had a bad day (feel free to sing this)

Yesterday was quite the day.

I locked the keys in the van at my parents house.  Luckily, my dad came to the rescue, called CAA and got the doors unlocked.  This allowed Calder and I to get on the road and back to Martensville.

On the way home, I decided it was time to plan my will.  I know this sounds a bit morbid, but now that we have Calder, we want to make sure he is cared for.  Hugh and I got life insurance shortly after he was born, so this was the next logical step.  It was a sad trip home with a few tears.  It is hard to think about dying and not getting to be with your family.

Calder's morning nap was over an hour shorter than normal, so we had quite a grumpy early afternoon until it was time for the next nap.

His downtime allowed me to type up my will.  More tears.

Once it was done, I vowed to not think about it anymore and got making supper with a clingy child.  Not fun, but more fun than writing a will.

Hugh said he was going to be home at 5:30pm.  He called at 5:30pm to tell me that he had an unexpected meeting.  Not his fault, but there were a few more tears and then a bit of anger (not at Hugh...I just wanted to be mad).  Calder did not cooperate at supper, but he made it to bed without too many meltdowns.

Then I decided to unpack from my parents.  For some DUMB reason I had tossed my engagement ring and wedding band in the bottom of my suitcase loose to come home.  As I unpacked, I found the band right where I tossed it, but not the engagement ring.  I thought maybe I accidently tossed it in the wash.  The washer was still going so I had to be patient.  Hugh arrived home and after a quick check in the washer, there was no ring to be found.  Think: MELTDOWN.  I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe.  I called my parents.  My dad looked in the couple places I thought it may have fallen.  No luck.  Hugh looked in the back of the van, we looked in Calder's room (very quietly, he was sleeping).  We looked everywhere 3 times.  Finally, Hugh decided to take a knife to the suitcase.  I was literally rolling on the floor in the fetal position calling myself an idiot over and over.  Low and behold, with the suitcase in shreds, we found the ring wedged between a piece of plastic. The whole ordeal lasted an hour and a half and I was severely dehydrated by the end from crying.

We are down one suitcase, but I don't care one bit.  Hugh is my hero.


  1. You just have to laugh at a day like this, well, when you get there anyway. I'll laugh for you instead.
    Tonight would've been a good night for a ball game in Shellbrook drive therapy session.
    Did you book your trip?


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