New Year

Hugh and I have spent most of the new year playing the New Super Mario Wii.  If you have a Wii and LOVE Mario, this game is for you.  You can play multiple players at once, so Hugh and I play together.  We have had many laughs and many fights. lol.  Hugh has a tendency to knock me off cliffs and bounce me into turtles.

Calder started the new year off with a bang, taking a few steps New Year's Eve.  We were thrilled.  He is a very good crawler, so hasn't really initiated taking any steps on his own, but if Hugh and I sit across from each other, he will take 2 - 6 steps to get from one of us to the other.  We are having lots of fun practicing.

Calder has also started clapping his hands.  When Hugh and I cheer while playing Super Mario, he will sit down and clap for us.  Too cute!

Hugh is heading back to work tomorrow.  I am sad.  I can't complain though,  since he has had 2 weeks off with us.  It is so nice spending our days together as a family.

Hugh and I are planning a warm trip somewhere this January.  It has caused a bit of stress for me, trying to find the best deals at good hotels.  We are hoping to book in the next week to leave sometime around the 14 of January.  We are flexible, so we shall see what comes up.


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