Favorite new bathing suit

I bought this fabulous new bathing suit at Walmart before we came down to Mexico.  It cost $26 and fit beautifully.  I was so pumped not to have to pay $100 for a bathing suit that covered all of my valuables.

I wore it the first 3 days here.  On the 3rd day after a vigorous salsa lesson, I bent down to wash my hands in the pool (Hugh was sweating like a pig) and before I even reached the water my bathing suit top came flying off.

Turns out my favorite new suit's plastic clasp at the back snapped.  The saving grace to this suit was the tie around my neck.  If not for that, the blustering wind would have swept the entire top right over the pool and onto the beach.

Embarrassed, I headed back to the room to put on my 2nd favorite suit.  It was all Hugh could do, to NOT pee his pants, he was laughing so hard.


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