Weekend 1

We always have a busy start to our summer vacation, but it involves most of our very favorite people, so we definitely don't complain.

My sister, brother and their families come to the lake along with Hugh's brother's family. It is so awesome for Hugh and I how this comes together! I know pictures make posts better, but I am at the lake and it takes some serious effort to get them downloaded, so you will just have to use your imagination!

Some highlights:

  • Pizza, deep-fried fish and McDonald's fries, Jes's homemade burgers
  • Lawson, Cruz and Nash fishing in front of Mom and Dad's cabin
  • Cuddles with our newest member, Sloan
  • Leeta washing everyone's shoes on the deck. . . .Including Boone's runners
  • Calder and Pace taking off with the Dusts for almost the entire day and then out fishing Hugh and Grandpa in the evening (in Hugh and Dad's defense, they were pretty busy with 3 boys in the boat!)
  • Harper, Boone, and Brynn tubing followed by Brynn and Billy knocking each other off
  • School talk with Tammy (Billy may have dozed off for a few minutes during that)
  • Sleeping.  Our kids didn't get up in the 6's a couple of those mornings!
  • Afternoon thunderstorm that included some hail
Things have really slowed down since everyone has headed home, particularly because of the rain. The good part about this it is has allowed us some time to read, watch t.v. , and get a few things unpacked and organized at the cabin. (I had taken the kids to the public library before we left to pick up some books, but they didn't have many that Calder was interested in. Hugh then brought home a pile of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog-Man, and some Mine Craft Zombie ones. It has been amazing to see what these books have done for Calder's interest in reading. I actually walked into my classroom on Friday and he was sitting quietly reading, he read the entire way to the lake not once asking to watch a movie, and has been staying up late to read since we have arrived at the cabin. Hugh and I are seriously pumped!)

We are getting a bit of cabin fever, so are headed in to Melfort this afternoon to hit the indoor pool. We tried to do this last year, but Calder ran into the back of the van's sliding door on the way out of Tim Horton's and instead of driving to the pool we ended up driving to emerge for stitches above his lip! Yes, you read that right. The sliding door of the van was opening and Calder ran straight into the back of it.  Hugh and I are hoping this trip is a little less eventful!


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