Initiation Hockey Coach . . . Here I come!

I have my Kinesiology degree and in order for me to receive this degree I had to do a certain number of credits in activity classes. I took wrestling, softball, and badminton to name a few. Any of the classes that were 2 credits (some were just 1 credit) gave you a level 1 coach's certification in that sport. Through this I got my level 1 in basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and track and field. I also took 2 credit hockey, but didn't end up with my certification. This spring with some help from Hugh, I was able to get the certification from the university and SHA. To my surprise I was given a Coach 2. Coach 2 qualifies me to head coach a Pee Wee AA team. I was immediately excited thinking I wouldn't have to do any other certification to coach Boone's Initiation team. Dead. Wrong. I was awarded Coach 2, but not Coach 1. I need Coach 1 to coach Initiation. Sigh. I can coach Pee Wee AA, but not 1st year players. Hilarious, really. 

Today, I started the online portion of the Coach 1. I am feeling a little frustrated. I get that there are many people who don't know about the things this course offers, but with my Kinesiology degree and my Education degree and the fact that I am currently teaching I have a wide range of skills, more than any online course could ever offer. I am wishing there was a way for hockey Canada to recognize the certification I have through my degrees and my teaching certificate. They have deemed I have the hockey knowledge to coach PeeWee, but aren't recognizing my other qualifications. I don't have a solution for this, so I power my way though it while the kids play on the beach!


  1. UGH- totally hear you on that- being an educator should count as something!


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