“They are getting worser and worser!”  Lawson may somehow be related to my sister’s husband Nate. Mosquitos LOVE her. Since we have been at the lake she has woke up multiple times tossing and scratching. She is a trooper though. We put After Bite on them and it often stings as the bites are broke open. Lawson takes it like a champ. Don’t get me wrong. She screams like bloody murder, but she willingly lets you put it on. Champ.

There is nothing Lawson likes more than swimming. At 1.5 years old she would jump in the lake off our boat and spent hours jumping off my parents dock with my mom (water isn’t my thing). This year is not any different. Often the boys will be puttering around at the shore line catching minnows or digging for rocks and Lawson will be in the background, life jacket in tow, doing laps. This past weekend things got even more interesting for her in the water as she decided Jose, my mom and dad’s dog, is her new swimming partner. Every time Lawson saw Jose in the lake, she wanted to go too. It wasn’t even that warm on Sunday. I was in a hoodie and pants. . . but maybe that’s not a good indication about the temperature, as I am part reptile. Lawson would go into the lake, Jose would drop his ball off the dock, she would grab it, swim farther out (as she can’t throw that far) and throw it. Jose would then jump off the dock and they would both swim in together. It is completely comical. On Monday when we went down to the beach the first thing Lawson asked is “Where’s Jose?” Luckily, it was warmer and the boys took a break from their minnow hunting to swim with Lawson.
And she has started posing for the camera!

Lawson is extraverted, but can be shy around people she doesn’t know. She is also not as chatty as Boone, so sometimes that comes off as shy. Lawson loves to copy ANYTHING Boone does and tries hard to keep up with her two older brothers. This week that looked like Calder striking her finger with a hammer instead of the rock he was aiming for. Not our greatest parenting moment as we had given the kids safety googles before they started this rock smashing quest.  

Lawson and I around the campfire. Make note of the smashed up finger :-)
Lawson unfortunately might be going feral. This started long before we arrived at the lake, mind you. When she gets upset or frustrated instead of using her words she makes a variety of grunts, cries, and screams. This can happen in a full out meltdown where she just points and screams or when she is grumpy and wants milk at supper, she might just touch her glass and grunt. It is driving Hugh and me nuts.

Lawson has trouble saying her “l”, and “r” sounds and Hugh thinks she sounds British sometimes because of it. She actually has a pretty good vocabulary, but not that I can think of any of the words she impresses us with right now, of course.  She likes pink and purple. I cringed a little when I wrote that. Lawson loves to ride her run bike, make puzzles, and reading books (she will often read before bed and fall asleep with a book).

Out of the three of them, Lawson plays the best by herself and is the most content if just hanging around adults. Must be a baby of the family thing! lol


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