Happy Birthday, Calder!

Calder turns 8 today! Check out his new birthday photo HERE. Enjoy some of the outtakes below!

Hugh and I couldn't believe how long Calder's hair was until we looked at these pictures. He doesn't want to get it cut and as long as he brushes it, we don't care!  Calder gets A LOT of comments and compliments on his hair which I think is a driving force for him not to cut it. Calder was puking on the weekend and as everyone with long hair is aware, it can get in the way. I suggested an elastic or a headband and he chose the headband. Calder later left the headband on the couch and I threw it on to take it back to my room to put away. I clearly don't wear headbands, because when Boone saw me he asked me if I was going to puke!

Calder is fiercely competitive. You will often hear him tell Boone and Lawson that he is beating them to finish his supper or that he beat them to get into the tub. Calder will also be able to tell you how many goals basically every player on his team has and what the score was from a game he played before Christmas. 

Calder continues to hate movies. And by hate I mean is petrified by them. We watched "Inside Out" a couple of weeks ago. Hugh and I decided WE wanted to watch one, so we told the boys that if they weren't interested they could play upstairs. Let's just say there were many tears, screams, and eyes being covered. Calder is sensitive and we do love that about him. He doesn't like scary and he doesn't like feelings getting hurt. This does not include hurting Boone's feelings. He will do that. Thankfully, we don't hear about him hurting his friends or classmates feelings. So hopefully, it is just Boone. (The plight of the younger brother.)

On the weekend I heard Boone ask Lawson to play hockey in the basement. Calder was observing and I heard him yell, "Boone, take it easy on her!"  LOL Calder has just started to "take it easy" on Boone when they play hockey. Incidentally, Boone has just started to want to play mini sticks and shoot outside with Calder. Shocking coincidence!

Calder loves his screen time. He likes to search videos on You Tube when he watches television or watch non-fiction shows (America's Funniest Home Videos, Dinosaurs, Planet Earth). He recently even got into the 100 Most Deadly Places to Live!  We limit that one, but it is actually quite interesting. And even though he doesn't like cartoon movies, he hasn't had one problem with that show! Calder also loves Super Mario World on the Wii. He will often ask for "Family Time", not because he necessarily wants to hang with Hugh and I, but because sometimes we play the Wii as a family!

Calder enjoys school. I would like to think math is his favorite, but lately he has come home talking about the history of Saskatoon and even took a social studies textbook out from the library. I suspect he just likes learning, but he will mostly tell you he likes recess. 

Calder is becoming more and more funny. He loves to laugh and loves to make other people laugh. Calder is an active, loving boy. We can't wait to see what adventures await him in year number 8. 

Love you more than coffee, C. 


  1. Calder, first of all that hair is amazing!!! My favorite photo here is the one of Lawson just cracking up and Calder tickling her. It's endearing to see the connection these two have. Happy, slightly late, birthday Calder.


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