Five on Friday

  1. Boone and Calder are such opposites. Boone has an imaginary friend. Calder has no imagination. I suggested to Lawson on Tuesday that Calder would sit at the table with her and tell her a story and start it "Once upon a time. .. " and Calder immediately quipped, "I will NOT be doing that."  I could tell you of countless other times that Calder refused to make believe. . . . . . . .Well, okay. That might be a slight exaggeration about Calder having no imagination, but imaginary play certainly isn't Calder's go to. He did recently write a silly story, though. We found out from Madam that the grade 3s are writing silly stories. Calder, catching the tail end of a lesson, grabbed scrap paper and started writing. He continued writing the story on the bus on the way home from school and immediately shared it with us when he hopped off. Calder was so proud of it. The grade 3s are currently learning about rough drafts, so Calder has started his good copy of the story about a monster who ate a man.
  2. The rink is done. Hugh got it up and going for the kids' birthday party 2 Saturdays ago, but Calder had his final skate last Tuesday. Boone was even out there for 40 minutes. He usually lasts 10, so this was significant. Weather is getting warmer!  I love it. I am ready for ball gloves.
  3. I have been watching The Office on Netflix, but am at a standstill. Michael (Steve Carell) has moved away and I'm not sure The Office will be The Office without him. Can any fans please tell me if I should even bother!?
  4. I have been reading a lot lately. Being on my phone right before bed makes it harder for me to fall asleep. Gasp. Exactly what the research says. Hugh may be an anomaly when it comes to this, but it truly does affect me. Deena recently lent me A Man Named Ove. Deena raved about it, but I am halfway and it is just okay for me. I had been waiting for our school library to have  Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children returned, so when it was yesterday, I put Ove to the side, temporarily.  I have only read a chapter of Peculiar Children, but I'm hooked. 
  5. Boone and I went on our first official date last Friday night to a Blades' game. It was rain check night and our neighbor gave us a couple of tickets. While waiting in line to exchange them a man handed us two tickets for the current game. The seats were located right behind the Blades' bench. We were so lucky to get such fabulous seats! We had such an amazing time. I loved seriously loved every minute, and since I only lost Boone for 20 seconds, the rest of that particular minute was saved! We even ran into Uncle Luke, Auntie Brittany, and Cruz on our adventure. My favorite moment was at the start of the second period when Boone exclaimed, "Mom!  The goalies are in the wrong nets!" In novice hockey the teams don't change ends each period. Love learning about kids' world views!
    Happy Friday!


  1. The Office was different after Michael Scott left. And I think it took them a bit of time to find their groove again, but it is DEFINITELY worth finishing! I just finished watching the last 3 or 4 seasons last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

    1. Good to know! I will be patient with it. Thanks, Angela!

  2. Definitely worth finishing The Office and Ove too for that many life lessons weaved into there :)

  3. Okay. I needed a pep talk. Mrs. Peregrine's is SO good. I can't put it down. Ove will get finished when I am done with the peculiar children.


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