Calder had a tournament in Regina the weekend of Lawson and Hugh's birthdays. We had a terrific weekend in Regina. Highlight for all the kids was enjoying the company of the team. There are so many great families and kids associated with Calder's team. We truly are blessed.

Lawson was the life of the party at the pool. There was constantly a herd of boys helping her on the waterslides, catching her in the pool or escorting her to the hot tub. There was so much kindness Hugh and I wouldn't even have had to get into the pool with her.  It was also hilarious how the boys were doting on her!
As always, Boone was independent. Once we hit the pool we didn't see him until it was time to leave. too many kids to play with. Too much water to splash in. In fact, he was mad at me in this photo because he didn't want to take time away from his swimming to stop and smile for the camera.

The kids and I went for a special birthday smoothie. It was really relaxing to have some downtime with just my crew.  They played so well together at the McDonald's play structure (and you know that rarely happens!).

Calder loved the friends and swimming, but he also loved the hockey in Regina. He played the tournament as a center-man. Hugh has the players move around positions. Calder will typically tell you he likes center or defense. He can't seem to make up his mind. He had a great game in our B-side semi final and came out with the player of the game award for his team. He is figuring out how to work hard for an entire game and I was pleased that others are noticing that too. Unfortunately, the Sniper's came up short in the game and our tournament ended on Saturday afternoon. 

We saw some incredible weather in February, including some extremely warm days. I actually think there was a stretch of almost a week with daytime highs above 0 degrees. It was incredible.
On Valentine's Day we got a call from some friends to meet them on Mini-Mountain at the end of our crescent to do some tobogganing. The weather was incredible and with the sun staying out longer it made for a beautiful end to a great day. Standing at the top of the hill I could look out to Tripp's bench. It was a special night. Also good that we got the sledding in when we did, because the next day there was barely any snow left and the hill was virtually entirely brown by the end of February.

For Family Weekend we headed to my brother's cabin north of Prince Albert. Again, the weather couldn't have been better and we spent hours outside. Calder was excited to fish and although they spent more time than I can even count fishing, they only caught one!  Nevertheless it was still pretty exciting. Luke and Brittany have a gorgeous spot and a beautiful cabin. We will be inviting ourselves out there again. In fact, I may just recommend we make it an annual trip in February. Boone, Nash, and Cruz all got scrapes to the face. Cruz fell into the ski-do, Calder pushed Boone off a sled and Boone got road rash from the snow, and Nash fell down the stairs. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them together, because it looked like they had been in a scrap!
Calder is obsessed with Rubik's cubes. He has a 3 x 3 and a 2 x 2. My sister and her husband both can solve them, so we packed the cubes and Calder got a lesson or two. Jes even helped me out when I got into it. I am going to try and remember to take them to the lake. I really did enjoy playing with it when we were sitting around. I never did get it solved, but I had fun learning!

It is pretty flat around Luke and Brittany's cabin, but we found a bit of a slope and took the kids out. I would love to get an old school wooden toboggan. I think Hugh and I might have to splurge on one next year. Nothing like slapping 4 or 5 people on the back of one of those and sending it down a cliff!

I had a pretty good day on Tripp's birthday. In fact, I shed very few tears. It was just such a nice day outside, spent with family. I had a harder few days after. I just felt down. I can never predict how those days are going to go and just when I think I have my feelings sorted out, something changes.
The weather is looking up again this weekend. Our rink is in disarray, but I do enjoy the warmth!  Happy Friday!


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