Happy Birthday, Boone!

Happy 4th birthday, Boone! Check out his birthday photo HERE and the outtakes below.

Unlike Calder, whose locks were almost too long to fit in his birthday picture, Boone loves a hair cut. We can't even mention one unless it is a for sure or he cries. He got one just in time for pictures!

Boone loves to play with other kids and there is never a concern of boredom at the rink as he will buddy up with anyone he sees. . . Whether he knows them or not!  Boone is outgoing and needs to be reminded to stay with us in public places. I lost him 3 separate times when we were in Regina at Calder's tourney. Not really pumped to share that, but he is so quick and completely confident in crowded, strange places. 
Boone is playful and loves a laugh. And if need be will use any sort of inappropriate potty talk to get one. Boone gets along well with other kids of all ages. He is a hit in Calder's dressing room. A large group of Calder's teammates will shout his name when he walks in and a couple even have to hug him every time. 

Boone has an imaginary friend, Mega.  I thought the name stemmed from him incorrectly saying our billet, Megan's, name, but Hugh thought it came from a Pokemon card. Regardless, Boone mentions Mega ALL THE TIME. When I am telling a story before bed, Boone wants me to add in Mega. When we were inviting kids to his birthday, Mega got added to the list. When wondering who was at daycare, he will tell us that Mega was. Boone also randomly tells us facts about Mega. Mega is a grown-up. He sleeps in the day and is up at night. He likes hockey. He drinks coffee.  And my personal favorite, Mega doesn't need to clean up at his house because his house cleans itself. We were convinced that Boone thought of Mega as real until one day a month ago I suggest to him that we include Mega when he was listing people who go to the lake and he says, "Mooooommmmm, Mega is pretend." He continues to remind us that Mega is imaginary, but that hasn't stopped him from including Mega in everything. 

This is what Boone typically does when you ask him to smile for a photo. Sigh. 

Boone is a pretty good eater, but will complain at virtually anything set in front of him. He might gag, but he will eat it. He is also the slowest eater on the planet. At one time Calder held this title, but he has passed it on to his younger brother. Boone can take over a half an hour to eat supper on any given night and it usually ends with us feeding him. Calder outgrew this and I know Boone will, but it can't happen soon enough. And it will likely happen just in time to pass the title to his sister. 

Boone and Lawson play amazing together. I'm not sure if it is their proximity in age or their similar temperaments, but they seem to get along better than Boone and Calder. Both Calder and Boone would say they like playing with each other, but it is rare when it doesn't end in a teary fight. We have teary fights everyday.  As I said in Calder's bday post, Boone is really starting to like hockey. He still talks about being a goalie, but after religiously chanting, "Hamiltons aren't goalies" to him the last 3 months, he may be letting go of that dream a bit. I know all the goalies and goalie parents are angered by that statement, but goal tending is the most high pressure position, the most expensive, and the one that can get little to no playing time on future teams if you are a back-up. Yuck, yuck and yuck. I will avoid all that if I can. 

Boone loves a hug and is quick to tell us he loves us. He whines a lot, but is pretty good with his manners. Boone is enthusiastic about just about anything. I hope that never changes. The whining and hit the road any time. 

I love you more than ice cream, Boone. Can't wait to see what happens in year #5. 


  1. I love Boone. He sounds like such a outgoing, funny and social little guy. I can imagine how scary it must have been to look around and not see him in an unknown rink, I've had that happen, but the free-range parent of me is saying, "Yes, let them explore in relatively safe environments." One more thing, thank you for sharing that there are teary eye moments at your house daily, because this Feb. break I felt like my girls were the only ones not able to find a happy place for long periods of time.

  2. We have a potential goalie at our house and we are down playing it to, totally normal. If that's what he really wants we'll let him, but only after a year of being player!


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