Tripp and The Walking Dead

This morning Boone and I started talking about his brothers as I got Lawson dressed.

Jordan: You have two brothers, Calder and Tripp.

Boone: Calder and Tripp?

Jordan: Yes!

Boone: Where is Tripp?

Jordan: Tripp died and he lives in heaven now.

Boone: Tripp died? 

At this point Boone's face started to turn. He was confused and then that quickly changed to sadness. His mouth turned down and his lip started to quiver. It occurred to me for the first time. I think Boone just figured Tripp out. We have a stuffed bear that was given to Tripp when he was born. Boone has adopted it and we call it simply, Tripp's bear. Boone often gets confused when we talk about Tripp and mentions "Tripp's bear". We celebrated Tripp's birthday, but I never saw the flash of understanding like I got this morning.

As I started tearing up along side Boone, I wondered if he was playing off of me. He was sad. I got sad. He got sadder. I gave him a soft smile and he drifted out of his sadness. He asked a couple more questions and we continued on with our morning. Our little conversation made my day.

Driving home from hockey later that evening this exchange occurred.

Jordan: Calder, Friday is dress as your favorite character from a movie, t.v. show or book day. Maybe you should wear your gloves, helmet and stick and be Brady Brady?

Calder: . . . No. . . . 

Jordan: You could wear no pants and go as Brother Bear?

Calder: No! And he has pants, Mom. 

Jordan: Oops!

Calder: Hmmm. . . I like Walking With Dinosaurs, maybe I could dress up as a dinosaur?

Boone: The Walking Dead.

Calder: (laughing) Boone said The Walking Dead*!  

Boone: Tripp dead. (Calder, still laughing ignores him.) Calder, Tripp is dead.

Calder: I know Boone. Tripp is The Walking Dead. . . Hey, maybe we could call everyone we know is dead, The Walking Dead?

Jordan: No, I don't think we will do that.

Boone: Calder, we won't see Tripp anymore.

Calder: Yes we will. We will see him in heaven, right Mom?

Boone: Kevin?

Calder: NO HEAVEN.

Jordan: I believe that more than anything, Calder.

Boone: (Dead serious) Tripp a minion**. (Calder starts laughing)

Jordan: (Laughing) He isn't a minion, but I am certain he is laughing right now!

Happy Tuesday!

*The Walking Dead is a t.v. show that Hugh and I LOVE. It is about zombies. We have mentioned wanting to watch it enough times in front of Calder that he knows how much we love it. Because of the horrible title, we have explained that The Walking Dead are like the creepers in Minecraft (Although, Calder NEVER interacts with the creepers in Mindcraft, he does know about them and a bit about zombies from other kids. Remember, Calder is our softie when it comes to scary stuff!) Please don't think because my kids know of the show, that they would ever be allowed to watch it. Calder and I thought Boone saying "The Walking Dead" was so funny because we hadn't heard him mention it before! Hugh and I wouldn't even discuss the plot of that show around them! It is on Netflicks and if you like Science Fiction, this is a must watch show. It is a bit gruesome, but like Game of Thrones, you become immune to it (I get that is bad, but I won't stop watching the show. Remember. I LOVE it.)

**Kevin is the name of a minion, thus Boone's segue!


  1. OH my. So much goodness.....giggling over here

  2. Kids are so funny. I read this book a few years ago, A Child's Work: The Importance of Fantasy Play, and one chapter in particular came to my mind as I read your post today. It talked about how young children process new, and often difficult information, through making it into fantasy play or in this case something silly/funny. The topic affects them in such a powerful way that they need to associate it to something they already know/feel comfortable with and through that they are trying to make sense of this new puzzle piece. I bet Boone will come back to this a few times, possibly over the next few weeks or it might be a while, but all of a sudden he'll be ready for more thought provoking information. I just think it's so wonderful that they know that there brother is always with them and in your families heart. Hugs to all of you.

  3. So many giggles! And thank you for the Kevin+Minions link... I missed that! :) ^ so cool!

    I love that Tripp's such a big part of their lives still. Good work, Momma!

  4. Bo, you are so right. We were at the park yesterday and I told Boone I was going to go sit on Tripp's bench. He then basically replayed our whole conversation from the van with a little boy he met. It was so weird, and funny!

    Dani, I missed the connection there until I retold Hugh the story! Way over my head!

  5. this is so sad but so sweet all at the same time.


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