Lawson Update

Lawson is talking!  She started right around March 19 (a little over 13 months). Much to my sadness her first word was not "Mama" it was "Nana" (banana). She mastered banana and two days later, much to my pleasure, she started saying "Mama". She now also says, "Dada" and I think might be saying Boone when asked to say it. (It sounds like "Boo".) Hugh and I are in shock as neither of the boys started saying words before 15 months.

Our girl is also starting to follow simple directions like "Come here." or "Can I have a kiss?"  When asked for a kiss she sometimes will smack her lips and plant one on you, but typically she just leans in to you presenting her forehead or cheek for you to kiss!  Lawson also likes to help clean up when it is time and will happily applaud herself after she puts a toy in the toy box. Lawson will wave goodbye and blow kisses. . . when she feels like it. If you ask her "How big is Lawson?" She is sure to throw her hands up in the air to show you.

Lawson has started making strange.  It isn't just with acquaintances, it is even with family. I guess maybe it isn't making strange, because she does it with Hugh too. I think she has figured out she can get what (or who) she wants if she screams. All this said, I guess I can make it official. Lawson is a mama's girl. Those of you who have been reading a while know my struggles with Calder being a daddy's boy. He would bawl when I simply handed him a glass of milk because it wasn't Hugh.  Hugh is eating it up. Refusing to do anything with Lawson when she cries for me. Lol. He just hands her over and declares, "Remember, this is what you wanted." Hahahaha. I totally asked for it. And I'm not complaining. . . Yet.

Big hug for her cousin, Cruz!
Lawson continues to be a good eater. She is picky on a daily basis, but eats everything. By this I mean that she might eat chicken one day and not the next, but at some point she has eaten basically any dish that has hit our table. Thus far, she is our best eater.

Big hug for her other cousin, Nash!

Happy Monday!
Lawson LOVES being outside. She listens so well in the entrance way when we ask her to come to us so we can put on her coat and shoes. Anything to get outside! Lawson will cry if the boys go out and she doesn't get to join them. She loves walking out onto our street, so we have a little work to do in this area if we want to play in the front.


  1. Love the up date! She is so sweet!

  2. I'm happy to hear you got a mama's girl!

  3. Okay, that girl has the BEST cheeks ever. Is it difficult not to just smoother her in kisses? I am so happy that you have a mama's girl, and can completely relate to your story. It is a curse sometimes to be number one, especially in the middle of the night, but more often it feels so good to be needed.


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