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He calls cats "meows" and fire t rucks and ambulances "ah-wee-ohs".

He likes to pretend sleep all the time. Even did it at Costco last week. I felt seriously jealous. I wanted him to shop so I could crawl in the cart and actually sleep. 

Calls his fingernails toenails. This caused some laughs before we realized his mistake. He would say, "I chew my toenails" and "dare toenail in my mouth". Chewing fingernails isn't all that appealing, but it is certainly a step up from toenails!

Lawson's new moves

She is seriously motoring these days. The forward crawling has picked up speed and she has figured out how to get herself from crawling to sitting. This accomplishment has meant a much happier girl in our eyes. She doesn't get stuck places and can stop and play wherever she wants.

Lawson eats a lot and will eat just about anything. Some of the more interesting things she likes include salmon, souvlaki pork chops, lasagne, beets, and pumpkin. She loves all kinds of fruit, but isn't particularly fond of banana. In fact, banana may be the only food she doesn't really like.

Lawson sleeps well for us. She typically is down for the night shortly after 7 pm and gets up around 6:30 am. I still give her a dream feed, but will be cutting that out in the coming weeks. She takes two naps a day (usually for 1.5 - 2 hours each).

She is our content baby. She often has a serious look on her face and it can take a lot to get her smiling or talking.

How was your day, Calder?

Every day we ask this. Every day we hear about his new conquests on the monkey bars at school. At this point, we want to hear about anything BUT the monkey bars when it comes to debriefing his day.

Calder did level one swimming lessons. We were so proud of his effort and the way he conducted himself in class. Hockey has started. Hugh and I noticed that in the first 3 skates Calder wasn't as aggressive as he was last year. I think it has to do with his skill level, so Hugh is anxious to get on the ice himself and help Calder understand how to be nice to other kids (who may not be as skilled) and still play as hard as he can. There is very little in our lives as parents more important than teaching our kids good work ethic. . . . Obviously, being kind to others also tops this list - thus the confusion! Calder is competitive. I don't think it will take much to clear this one up ;-)

Online shopping anyone?

I have been doing some serious online shopping. I want to get a couple new things for the fall to update my wardrobe, but have failed to have the time to get out and actually do some shopping. Deena has been ordering from Simons for years. I finally got on and purchased some stuff. If you order $100 it ships for free. I suggest ordering multiple sizes of the things you like. Simon's makes it really easy to return. All you have to do is go to your online account, make a couple clicks, print of the postage paid return slip and drop it off at the post office. I have also made a couple of purchases from Shoe Me. They basically have the exact same procedure for returns - so again, I suggest that you order multiple sizes. That being said, I haven't been overly impressed with Shoe Me. Two of the four pairs I ordered came immediately (they were both too small so I returned them). I have been waiting for the other two for 4 weeks.

I have been ordering from The Gap for years. I always return to the store - but not anymore. They pay the postage on returns as well. I have a pile of stuff going back tomorrow. Super easy. I can't believe I didn't realize this before. It would have saved me a number of trips to the mall! Also, before you purchase from The Gap make sure you sign up for their emails. They CONSTANTLY offer 30 - 40% off codes. I would NEVER purchase anything full price from there.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love all your purchases and can't wait to see which shoes you kept. YOur kids are cute, too...but you had me at online shopping.

  2. I just learned about the Old Navy ease of returns this spring. SUPER thrilled that Simon's is similar! :)

    Except that I don't think I need anything.. but I LOVE Simon's....

    Oh dear... :/ ;)

  3. Chloe is an awesome eater, even though she has no teeth. Funny - she doesn't like bananas either.
    I just came back from hockey practice where I chatted with one of the moms. Their family is from Martensville and while chatting, Tripp's bench came up. I told her a bit about Tripp's story. She told me she says a little prayer for Tripp every time she passes his bench in the park.
    Hope you're all well.

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