Impending Doom

Hugh woke up Saturday night puking. He spent all day Sunday on the couch and I spent all day worrying I was on the brink of being sick. Monday rolled around and Hugh began to feel human again. Unfortunately, that evening I began to feel my guts roll. Envisioning the night spent on the toilet, I curled up on the couch to enjoy a couple shows while I still could.

I woke up Monday morning shocked. I had slept through the night. I began thinking that maybe Hugh had gotten a flu the kids and I had already had. There have been a few times where everyone but him has been hit.  At 9:35 am that theory was blown out the window. I got a call from Calder's school. Calder had puked. I asked him if he did it in the bathroom and he said, "No, in my class." Ugh. 

When I picked Calder up from the school he was surprisingly near 100%. He told me how he didn't even feel sick. He just puked. As we walked out of the school I glanced at his pants. Is that puke? Yep. It was. He puked sitting in his desk. It went on the top and on the seat. Luckily, he was done his writing and only got a very tiny drop of puke on it. Mr. C cleaned it up. Mr. C? That isn't Calder's teacher. That is Calder's PRINCIPAL. His teacher was out of the building and rather than have a sub clean it up the principal did it. Oy. Calder told me twice on the way home that he wanted to stay at school. He didn't want to miss writing and math. I will say I am pretty pumped that he loves it there so much!

Calder is now on the couch groaning. He has puked twice since we got home and I would say the flu officially has the better of him. Thank-goodness for Netflicks.

The only question now is "Who's next?"

I honestly hope it is me. I am just about over making myself feel sick because I am worried I'm going to get sick. At this point I am avoiding eating foods I think might be the grossest coming up. There is some seriously yummy chocolate pie in the fridge, but according to Hugh I do not want to see what that looks like swirling around the toilet.

Sorry for that mental image. . .

I hope you Tuesday is quite a bit less pukey than ours!


Calder puked a total of 7 times that night. Poor guy. By the end he was really hurting.
Boone started puking Thursday night. This wasn't shocking. Tuesday night Hugh kissed his tongue. Twice. Boone threw-up 4 times in 4 hours. It was sucky, but not as bad as Calder.
Calder puked again Monday morning and Monday at noon. This was almost a week later. Yikes. 
Lawson and I had still managed to avoid it. Not sure how. Boone had his hands in Lawson's mouth hours before he started puking and the day he was recovering he enunciated a 'p' and spit right in my mouth. He later even put his tongue on my eye ball.

I'm not sure we are out of the clear yet. I will keep you posted ;-)


  1. oh no, hope everyone doesn't get sick.
    We've been sick here too :( Oli and I were sick with colds and Annabelle had to go to the hospital last night with croup.
    Fingers crossed no more sickness in either of our houses

  2. Oh, I hope you didn't get sick. Although I know what you mean - sometimes the anticipation is the worst part. One of the few good things about older kids - we haven't had the stomach flu in at least 8 years. I may have just jinxed us though!


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