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Who Knew?

 Who knew that those onesies with the folded neckline like Lawson is wearing above are designed to open up wide enough so you can slip them off over their hips if they have a poop explosion?  I didn't, but my friend, Heidi's, husband did. We were both wishing he had shared this with us when we had our first kid, rather than wait until we had our 3rd - 3rd at home for me!

Who knew Q-tips were good booger pickers? I didn't. My friend Danielle was using them to grab some visible boogers out of her son's nose. I thought it was brilliant and a bit disappointed in myself that I hadn't thought of it. I hate visible boogers, eye sleep and ear wax. My kids will attest to my constant picking. Lucky for Lawson, my days of trying to put my fat fingers into her tiny nose are done.
Who knew you could do a baby book online? I didn't. My sister, Jes, was wanting a 2015 way to organize her son's milestones and found a great one. OMG. I haven't done a NEW AUNTIE post to welcome her baby. This is some serious neglect. Send me your best shot of Nash, Jes. I'm on it.  Jes found My Own Little Story. It is really cool. You pick the specific pages you want to include (all the ones from my hard copy from Chapters are on the website). You can even pick special holidays and functions to include. The best part is that you can upload photos to go with each page and have it printed into a book. 
Who knew that so many people would be perplexed by the shirt Deena and her crew gave to Lawson? I didn't. I would have thought if a person didn't remember the quote from the books or movies, then the lightning bolts would have certainly given it away. Apparently, I am such a super HP fan that I didn't even realized how obsessed I was.  Seriously, if you didn't figure out where it is from given all my hints, we may not be able to be friends.

Happy Friday!


  1. LOL Glad I understood the shirt!
    I've pulled a onesie or two off around the hips due to poopsplosions!
    NEVER thought to use a q-tip for boogies, brilliant!! I'm also going to check out tha tbaby book site, love that idea thanks lady!

  2. I didn't get the shirt. I thought maybe star wars until I saw the 'HP'. Then I got it.....

  3. I totally got the shirt, and I love it!!

    I also learned about the onesie coming down instead of up from FB shortly after my baby was born (phew! no poop in the hair! haha). I also figured out the qtips for nose smart, especially when they are really little and their nostrils are super tiny.

  4. She is the cutest little Harry Potter wannabe in the whole entire world.

  5. Who knew about the poo?? Wish I had!! I was a master of the q-tip booger picking by the time had Rowan!


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