Back to work

I know I may be ahead of myself, but I am already thinking about back to work and it is making me a little crazy.

I will be starting semester 2 (Start of Feb.) in a new school and my teaching load has a number of challenges. One of the challenges will be the kind of students that typically take the classes. The majority of the students I expect to see in my classroom in February will not like math, nor will they be motivated to do it. I want all kids to succeed in my classroom, so this will be hard (particularly when some of these students will not care if they are taking away from others'  learning in the process). The other challenge I will be facing is that I haven't taught two of the 4 classes I am scheduled with. I am a planner, so right now this seems overwhelming. I found out about the assignment at the end of August and I am feeling a bit deflated that I wasn't told sooner. . . I am not blaming anyone. It is just how it worked out. . . Doesn't mean it doesn't suck, though. I know there is 5 months until I go back to work, but I honestly would have done work during the summer when Hugh was around. Now I am looking at putting the kids in daycare ahead of schedule so I can prepare. Makes me want to cry.

On top of my teaching load, I have already had 2 functions at Calder's school that I wouldn't have been able to attend if I was working. The first day of school was a big one. I was so glad to be with him to help him find his name on the board that lists kids and classrooms and I was even more glad to be able to help him find which room was his class. I will never get to do this with him (or Boone or Lawson) when I teach full time. I can't miss my students' first day. . . It is one of those things that makes me a little bitter about being a teacher. I am forced to put other people's kids ahead of my own. Again, makes me want to cry. The second function was a pancake breakfast. It is hard when both Hugh (a principal) and I have the same inflexibility between 8:45 am and 3:40 pm. I know there are other two parent teacher houses, so maybe I just need to talk to them to see how they do it.

I also just found out that our local hockey association has Calder's age group practicing at 4:00 pm. It was nearly impossible to get Calder to practice on time last year with a 4:30 practice and when I go back to work, there is NO way I will be able to do a 4:00 pm practice. Stress. I am actually trying to let go of this one, as Hugh said he is going to problem solve it, but I still worry.

I think worrying may be one of my greatest faults. I need to work on this. . . .

Rather than worry anymore, I am going to start planning. I taught with some great teachers at my last school and they may be able to help me out with some resources.  I am also going to start a list on my phone of school functions I am attending on leave. I can take time off as a teacher (though not the first day of school). . . . I am hoping if I keep track I will find out that it really is only a hand full of times I truly want to be at Calder's school and if that is the case it really is manageable to take some 1/2 days off work.

Glad I talked this one out.

Have a great weekend everyone. . . The weather here is supposed to be gorgeous. I'm not sure what I am going to do since the Jays have a double header against the Yankees on Saturday!!  May have to let my cold be my excuse for laying on the couch all day ;-)


  1. No matter the profession, working parents face the same struggle and make it work. Stop worrying and enjoy your last months at home.

  2. well wasn't that previous comment sweet?!
    It's okay to worry but it sounds like you're already trying to plan for it, so hopefully when the time comes the transition won't be too bad.
    Plus, we're all here for you to vent to if/when things do get challenging.

  3. Bahahaha @Shaunacey. I was about to say the same thing. Your blog, your place to vent and talk out loud and I'm glad you do it...makes me think.

  4. I was at Will's first day of school, Jordan! I just had a staff member cover the class I was going to miss, and it all worked out. You're going to find the staff at our school very supportive and willing to help you out, whether it is giving you material to teach from, covering your class, or lending an empathetic ear. Plus, you are just steps away from my classroom, so feel free to stop by whenever! You'll rock it!!!

  5. Ah! That's a lot of stress. It always helps me to have a plan. Sounds like you're getting there. Best of luck.

  6. Anonymous #1 - Not sure the tone you meant with the post, but it reads sharp. I will assume this is not how you meant it to sound.

    Shaunacey and Deena - Thanks for making note of the comment above. I read it and felt bad - until you both commented on it. Then I knew I was crazy for letting it get to me. I will definitely look to your comments on my posts when I get myself REALLY stressed out before I come back! LOL

    Rebecca - I am pumped to hear you went to Will's first day. Makes my heart sing. I am looking forward to meeting more of my staff. I didn't know they already had a room for me. Glad it is by a familiar, friendly face!

    Anonymous #2 - Thanks for the support!

  7. I work as well although not a teacher, I have set aside 1 vacation day per child to attend things at their school, track day, a field trip, christmas concert, serving a hot lunch, whatever it may be. I also and missing dropping my middle child off at preschool this morning, but we had a discussion (this is her second year at same preschool so knows teachers) and she said she would rather me save the time to do a field trip or attend a party at the school such as halloween. Knowing I have this time set aside to go to the school has really helped with my Mommy guilt.

    Good luck in finding what will work for you and your family!

  8. I am making the assumption that they are giving you Cynthia's old I hope that's true!!! 😳


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