The Kidlets

Common phrases Boone says: "No thanks. I'm good." and "You. Time out. Over there." The first one he says almost every single time he says no to something. It is awesome. For a while this summer he shortened it to "I'm good."  This led to some seriously confusing conversations, because it just sound like a blur and it was a while before we could figure out what was going on!  As for the second phrase, we give time outs in our house and because we hand them out to Calder and Boone they feel the need to hand them out to each other, Hugh, myself, and occasionally even Lawson! Calder also says "Time out. Over there."  Boone is a bit of a copy cat when it comes to Calder.

Getting information about school from Calder is like pulling teeth, but we have gotten a few snippets from him last week. At supper time on Thursday we asked him how he was enjoying sitting by one of his buddies (I knew he was sitting there only because I dropped him off on the first day). He informed us that the seating plan had changed because, "All the girls are WAY to chatty." Upon further investigation it sounded like Calder and his buddy were likely just as chatty! After sharing that conversation with his buddy's mom this week she told us that her son was pumped at the change because he was sitting between two girls! Too cute :-)  On the way home from school on Tuesday Calder informed me "It takes three days to get married." Apparently his teacher is getting married later this fall and will be gone from work three days and miraculously come back married!
Lawson is crawling. . . FORWARD. Yes you read that right. For almost the first couple weeks of her crawling, she was only able to move backwards. All three of the kids crawled within a week of each other. Kind of neat.  Lawson also has two teeth. The first one showed right at the start of September and the second one appeared early this week. I can't wait for the top ones to come in. Those first teeth look so funny in kids' mouths.  Lawson is really enjoying her baths. Last night she was a splashing machine. She is a lot like Boone when it comes to her love of the water!

Have a great weekend!


  1. that middle pic is my fav, it's so AWESOME!! love the faces!!
    yay for crawling babies,now the trouble begins lol


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