A peek back

I am SO behind on making videos. Here is a peek at last year's September video. 

Video Q & A:
How often do you make videos?
I try to make monthly videos (the odd month there is no footage. . . . sometimes I am relieved when I discover this!). I am almost a year behind, but my goal is to make one movie a month. These videos usually take between 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes to create.

What do you use to make the videos?
We have a Mac, so I use iMovie. If you are interested in making videos and in the market for a new computer, I would definitely recommend a Mac. iMovie is easy and when you purchase your computer you get 3 months of free support (I believe. . . and you can purchase more, which I did). The support is AMAZING. You can call them and ask them to help you with any issue (including "How do I make a video?") and they will help. They will even remotely access your computer to show you around.  

Are all the videos similar to the one you have showcased?
Yes they are! I keep the length of the video under 5 minutes each month, but I like it around 3 minutes the best. I always think that if the movies are going to get watched in 20 years from now I can't have 145 hours of random footage. If each year contains 45 minutes to an hour, I feel like the videos have a better chance of being watched. If I put music in it, like this video, I will typically pick a song that is on the charts for that month. I go to billboard.com to find the archived lists and choose something from the Hot 100 or Country charts. I like to imagine my grandkids watching these getting a taste of 2014 along with watching the footage of their parents!

Do the videos get watched?
Absolutely. We have Apple TV, so they stream right from my computer to the television. Calder often asks to watch them (particularly when he notices me working on them). We have even spent time with my brother and his wife watching them. It is fun to look back! Calder will sometimes say, "remember when . . . " and will recount an event that there is no way he remembers, but has seen the video of!  

Happy Wednesday!

Okay. As I reread this post, I realized that the Q & A part was a bit strange. I mean, we all know I was the one asking myself those questions. So the real question is, "Why did I even bother asking myself questions?" I know the answers to them. Sigh. I think this post may have been a fail! LOL


  1. Not a fail at ALL!! I'm inspired and loved the ideas behind them- the length, the song choice... all awesome!

    And hold up- do you have a SLIDE OFF YOUR DECK!?!?!

  2. Au contraire, I loved this post because I feel like these are questions I would ask you and now I don't have to. Also? I've never seen any of your videos, so that was a treat too.

  3. Not a fail!! Makes me wish I had Mac, because I am hopeless with videos!



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