Rosie's back!

Calder was pretty pumped to show us this gingerbread man he decorated last week at school. Even proclaiming, "Isn't he crazy, Mom?!" I was a bit tongue tied as I couldn't take my eyes off the gingerbread man's right leg and didn't respond. I was supposed to be looking up to the gingerbread man's "crazy" mouth. Eventually, Calder pointed out the BANDAID on the the man's right leg. According to Calder the "crazy" gingerbread man missed his owie (the dot) and put the sticky part of the bandaid right on top of it.
Rosie is back! She didn't come until the second week in December. Last year she came on December 1 and it felt like she was around too long! In the week before she arrived, Calder kept speculating when she was coming and if it would be Rosie coming back or some other elf. Rosie has been up to no good and even spent two days up in our chandelier. Calder wasn't sure if she got stuck or was just really tired and spent an extra day there! Boone has been enjoying Rosie as well and on the weekend actually found Rosie before Calder did one of the mornings!

Two more sleeps. Happy Tuesday!


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