Advent Calendar

This fall we bought Calder a LEGO Advent calendar at Costco. It was pricey as far as Advent Calendars go ($40), but he is having so much fun with it! He made me take a picture of the set-up!

Question: Do you open #1 first in an Advent calendar and count up to the 24th? Or do you start at 24 and count the days remaining? Calder and I decided to count down, but when he opened #24 it was Santa, so I am pretty sure we were supposed to go the other way. I am glad we went this way. Every day he tells me how many days are left until Christmas. He is SO excited.

I was worried about Boone not having his own calendar, but save a couple moments, he isn't that interested in Calder's display. I wish I was one of those moms who creates there own advent calendar with unique little items in each slot, but that is not one of my talents, nor one I have time for come late November. Anyone out there make their own? I would love to hear about it!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  Hooray. We are having chips and popcorn for supper tonight to celebrate. We even have Calder convinced that he can watch the cartoon version of the Grinch. We have prepped him by reading the story, but I still see a meltdown in our future. Our boy just really isn't in to movies!  We also want to watch Elf with him tonight, but he is adamant that he WILL NOT be watching that!

Hooray for the weekend!


  1. We bought that same set from Costco. Started at the 1. We have two other advents going too.

    We made paper rings (garland), and wrote the number on each ring. So that is how we are counting down the days. I think it had close to 50 rings when we started.

    And our last one is a basket of 24 wrapped Christmas books. I've been collecting them for a few years. (We use the same books year to year). Each night before bed she gets to unwrap a 'new' story to read. In January I will put them in a box for next Christmas.

    I think a fun supper and popcorn on the couch watching a movie tonight sounds perfect. We've been reading Grinch - maybe we will watch that tonight too!

  2. We made a paper chain to countdown. Inside of each chain I wrote advent activities...small things like "make hot chocolate, stir with a candy cane", "family pizza night", "each person choose a country and Google how they celebrate Christmas". It has taken the focus away from gifts and had us focus on enjoying the season.

  3. These are awesome ideas! I pack up our Christmas books from year to year, but love wrapping them up and having the boys pick one each night! Brilliant.

    Also love the garland! It makes it a one evening job to write on all the days. This I can handle. Now. . . . Will I be able to remember for next year ;-) Good thing I will have my blog book to look back on!


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