Our 2014 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas Family and Friends,
We will start with our most exciting news. If you did not already know, Jordan is pregnant again. She is due in February and we are excitedly awaiting the new arrival. We really need to get on thinking about possible names! Calder is excited for the baby…we think it is mostly because he will be getting bunk beds. Boone isn’t sure what is going on but loves giving his mom’s belly zerberts all the time. Once again, Jordan goes weekly for IVIG. Even though it is hard on her body, she feels much better after each of the treatments this time around versus when she was pregnant with Boone.
Boone started the year off taking his first steps, but then took his pretty little time starting to talk. Luckily, it feels like his continual screaming is finally tapering off now that he has a few words in his repertoire. Boone is picky at the table and has learned how to scowl at food he doesn’t like and say “yuck”. Hugh and I can’t wait to lay down the law when he gets old enough to understand, “You have to try one bite.” Although he is screamy and picky, Boone has easily been our “happy” baby. He goes with the flow and loves to tag along to the rink, pool, or out on the boat. Boone has no fear and spent the summer jumping off the edge of the pool into Hugh’s arms and even jumped off our boat a number of times. He hated every second of being in the lake, but his desire to be with his dad led him astray on occasion. Boone loves to wrestle (so don’t lie on the floor when he is around unless you are willing to participate) and has definitely learned to be quick on his feet as Calder never misses an opportunity to body check him. Boone loves books, baths and candy.
            Tripp is still very much a part of our lives. Calder talks about him often and always includes Tripp when we talk about who is in our family. We were so proud when Calder brought home a ‘family tree’ from school.  It was his hand traced on brown paper and each finger was a member of our family, including a finger for Tripp. Calder also thinks that Tripp should have his own stocking so Santa has a place to put his gifts. After Jordan explained that Tripp doesn’t need a stocking because he doesn’t need gifts, Calder thought about it for a second and stated, “that’s okay Mom, I can open his stuff for him”. We miss him every day.
Calder began the year with his first hockey camp. Other than one incident where Jordan forgot to get him to go to the bathroom before getting dressed (which led to Boone crawling all over the disgusting Rutherford bathroom floors), his experience as a Huskie went off without a hitch. By the time Jordan went back to work, Calder was able to read well, skate, and had developed quite a love of numbers. In the spring he enjoyed another season of blastball and soccer with his mom as the coach. Calder was PUMPED to go to the lake for the summer. However, once there, it was tough to get him in the water. In the fall, Calder headed off to kindergarten at a French immersion school named Sister O’Brien in Saskatoon. He loves sharing all his new French words with us. As much as Calder was excited for school, he was even more excited to be on his first hockey team! Calder is a Martensville Bulldog and even gets to wear the same number as his dad (because his dad is his favorite…take that Luke). Calder still refuses to watch any type of movie other than “Cars”. He is probably the slowest eater in the world for his age group, loves Grandma Hamilton’s ham, Grandpa Fritshaw’s bacon, playing Wii, Pokemon and anything to do with running.      
            Hugh had an exciting year. His hockey team, the Shellbrook Elks (yes, he is still playing), won the AAA senior provincial championships in February and went to Manitoba to represent Saskatchewan. He actually moved teams this fall and is playing with Jordan’s brother Luke in Tisdale with the Ramblers. After the first game, he noted his skin broke out in a rash from wearing a jersey other than an Elk jersey. Hugh made it through his first year as an elementary school principal and went back for year two. Hugh’s highlight so far this year is having a student so mad at him and unable to figure out what to do that he breathed hot breath in Hugh’s face. After this event, Hugh noted that he vomited in his mouth a little bit because as the student said, “I do not brush my teeth…ever!” Hugh will not be disputing this fact. Hugh loves being able to help coach Calder’s hockey team because it has been amazing to watch how quickly the kids improve. However, he has noted that elementary teachers need a significant pay increase because it may be easier to herd cats than coach/teach five year olds. One of the favorite parts of Hugh’s day is getting Boone out of bed. They are able to cuddle on the couch for about half an hour watching Sports Center every morning before anyone else gets up. From this experience, Hugh has noted how quickly Boone has learned how funny a burp can be.
Is it weird that Hugh wrote his own paragraph in third person? I'm going with a resounding, "YES" and in an attempt to showcase my superior skills, I will be writing mine in first person. I have had a fabulous year - a bit of maternity leave, a bit of teaching, a bit of ball, and a bit of growing a new baby. Well, the new baby is fabulous, growing it not so much. I felt like crap most of July and just when I was coming out of the first trimester grossness I shared our exciting news with an acquaintance. She told me that she wasn't surprised because my "face looked swollen." Ouch. As if I didn't feel bad enough, a few days later we were out for a bike ride with the boys and I was complaining about the wind. After a few blocks I slowed down, because I couldn't figure out why Hugh was perpetually behind me. He then broke the news to me. He was taking advantage of my swollen face and using it for a windbreak. Seriously? 

Other highlights of our year include:
·      Purchasing a pontoon boat. It is a starter boat, because Jordan has the need for more speed. Insert a Tim “the tool man” Taylor “Ho Ho Ho”
·      Becoming movie stars at Dog River Days in Rouleau in July. Check us out in the credits for the Corner Gas movie. We are near the back by the purple hotrod. Or quite possibly on the cutting room floor.
·      Learning of some future Martensvillians. Jordan’s brother Luke and his wife, Brittany, announced they are moving to Martensville in the New Year. Jordan is currently soliciting neighbors to see if she can free up a house on our block for them. Luke and Brittany are just smiling and nodding.
·      Acquiring a new member of our family. No, we are not talking about the new baby Jordan is busy growing, we are speaking of the one that takes up our entire back yard and increased our water bill $200 in November. Hugh has spent more time nursing that rink than Jordan did any of the boys.

From the Hamilton home to yours, we wish you all a happy holiday and all the best in 2015.

Jordan, Hugh and boys

Photo credit goes to Jes and editing goes to Deena. Deena photoshopped two different shots together to give us the best of both!


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