Hamilton Family Christmas

We headed out to Leask the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with Hugh's family. Hugh's mom had to work Christmas and our sister-in-law's family was coming in for Christmas from B.C., so moving up the celebration a few days worked really well for everyone. 

Boone got really into opening the presents. Hugh's mom made each of us a stocking and she wraps LOTS of the stuff inside. The kids loved it (I can't even fathom how long it took her to wrap everything!). Boone was excited to tear off the paper and even gave a couple of ooo's when he saw what was inside. Boone really likes "guys" and Auntie Abbey, Uncle Billy and crew got him this Duplo lego set that contained 2 guys. He carted around one of those guys and the police car most of the weekend. His cousin Pace carted around the other guy and the motorcycle!  
Calder got LEGO from both his uncle and aunt and grandparents. He hasn't really been playing with LEGO recently, but the new sets renewed his love. Calder made the fire truck he got with Maddy befoer we left, but the Police Station set was pretty big, so he had to wait until he got home. Once home, Calder spent the whole first day building the set. He only took a break for lunch (and he did that VERY reluctantly). Hugh decided that day that he would going to organize all of Calder's older LEGO while Calder built the new set. Needless to say, Hugh also spent the whole day organizing and making a bunch of Calder's old sets (Hugh also only took a lunch break reluctantly!). I joked with Hugh that we are going to need to find some serious long term storage for all the LEGO when the kids are done with it so that some day we can haul it out when our grandkids come over. Hugh agreed and said, "Yah, but it has to be easily accessible. I might want to pull it out for myself on occassion." He isn't kidding.
Grandpa Hamilton brought the Ski-Do (probably not the correct brand name - I apologize in advance to all you sled enthusiasts!) into town to pull the kids around in this sleigh. They LOVED it. In fact, I am fairly confident Pace would have stayed out until he froze to death. It was that great (and Pace's favorite place to be is outside!). 
It looks like this picture was taken in 1983. Must be the lighting! Harper and Boone have never played better than they did in the tub that evening. I definitely know where I am going to toss them next time I get to look after Harper! Easy peasy. 

I will say that Hamilton Christmas 2014 was a definite success. I ate too much and got some good visiting in! 


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