The longest bike ride ever.

We headed out for a bike ride this week after Boone's nap. I didn't check the temperature, but it must have been around 30 and there was no wind. As we headed out, I pictured us hitting the park at the end of our crescent, or maybe the one at the school a few blocks away. My pictured was shattered seconds later when Calder announced, "Right, Mom? We are going on our longest bike ride ever!" Oh. Boy. Lately he has been saying the "Right, Mom?" part before he states what I am supposed to be agreeing with. Cracks me up.

Apparently, I was in for the long haul with the bike ride and it did end up being our longest ride ever. Thankfully, I had packed snacks and water for the boys. Too bad I forgot mine bottle. I may have stollen a couple of sips of Calder's! Calder stopped the ride about 10 minutes in for our first of many impromptu breaks. He had seen some purple flowers in a field and wanted to pick them. As I stood and watched my heart swelled. My babe is picking flowers for me. Days like this will not last forever. As he brought them over, I was smiling ear to ear. When he got a few feet away from the bike he says, "Dad is really going to like these flowers." Oy. I should have known.

Near the end of our journey we hit a park we had never hit before and Calder fell in love. . . . With the monkey bars. His record is 12 in a row. He will tell you that immediately before he shows you the blisters on his hands from all his practicing.  I think those blisters were the only reason we got to leave the park that day.

I am SO pumped about this picture of Boone. It has been beyond challenging for me to remember to take pictures these days and when I do remember, Boone typically won't cooperate. We nailed this one :-)

Gotta love Calder's fake smile in the top picture. Boone was actually looking and smiling. Shocking, really! I've had two people ask me this week about the colour of Boone's eyes and I don't really have an answer. Around the pupil it is a light brown and then is a greyish blue toward the outside of the iris. Sometimes they look a bit green because of the mix. Other times they look more grey like in this shot. I have blue eyes with flecks of yellow (weird, right?) and Hugh has the nicest shade of brown EVER. Calder's eyes are straight up blue. Not sure what we are going to say Boone's are!

Happy last day of July! Summer is going way too fast! :-(


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