Boone Update

Boone is a whopping 16 months. As I comb through photos I realize I need to try harder to get some of our little man on his own. Boone is not interested in cooperating for a photo, so he ends up in a lot of group shots!
Note the bruise on Boone's left cheek. Calder tried to pick him up at the pool in Elk Ridge and Boone slipped out of his hands crashing onto a step up into the hot tub. Ouch.

Boone loves to be outside and we can easily turn a day around by planning an outdoor excursion. Boone loves going for bike rides and if we are playing in the front yard, he will often  disappear in the garage only to be found sitting in the Chariot with his bike helmet haphazardly on. He has his dad's complexion and we noticed at the pool this week that he is the only baby his size to look tanned!

Boone was once our easy, happy, go-with-the flow baby. He is now more needy and screamy. He will still cuddle with anyone we know, but he will also hang off our legs for 1/2 an hour in the kitchen yelling for our attention as we make a meal. Boone isn't talking much which equals screamy pants. He still says "eye" and has been saying "yes" for quite a while (more in the form of a feverish head nod and a "yayayayayaya"). Last week he started saying "mama" and "da" and he said "bir" for bird on one morning (not sure if that counts as saying it!). His lack of words is getting frustrating. We are continually playing a huge guessing game with him. That being said, I can't believe how much he understands at this age. I completely forgot, as I'm sure Calder was similar. We can ask him questions and he knows exactly what we are talking about answering "yes" he wants a banana or "no" he doesn't want grapes. He also will do things like "go find Daddy" and head to the bath when we say it's time. It must be frustrating for him; he knows what he wants, but is not getting it!

We stopped using our gate at the top of the stairs over 2 months ago. Boone kills it at stairs and can often be found sliding down ours on his belly. He has recently started thinking that he needs a more "grown-up" way to get down the stairs. Now, on occasion, he wants us to hold his hand so he can go down forwards.

Much to my dismay, Boone is turning into a Daddy's boy. Sigh. He is very consistent at wanting Hugh for comfort and will push away from me and walk to another room to find a hug from Hugh. He isn't as bad as Calder was (yet?!), but it does make me sad. I know in my head there is nothing I have done to cause this, but I still question if I could do something different. Hugh is an AMAZING dad and I want Boone to love him to bits, but is it too much to ask Boone to take some comfort from his mama when he skins his knee? Come on! :-)

Overall, Boone is not a great eater. He does well at breakfast and often has fruit and an egg, but come lunch or supper, he mostly pushes food around and screams. He eats VERY little meat and save green beans, corn, and carrots, he doesn't each much for veggies either. He has even stopped eating bread and will only lick off whatever topping (butter, peanut butter, etc.) we put on. Boone has found his love of pasta and will power it back, but God forbid he feels a crumble of ground beef from the sauce on it. He will spit it immediately out! Boone loves any treat and will devour popsicles, cookies, dried fruit snacks and fishy crackers like it's nobody's business. He also eats a wide variety of fruit, which is great. Hugh and I can't wait for the day we can say to him, "You need to try one bite!" or "You need to eat some chicken!"

Boone has started to love going for boat rides. We recently purchased a pontoon boat, which is great for him to move around in. The first few rides Boone would get upset that Hugh was getting in the water with Calder, but after we put him in the water with Hugh a couple of times, he quickly realized he much preferred being in the boat with mom than being in the water with Hugh!

Boone is quite the little character and we love him to bits. We can't wait to watch as he changes more and more from a baby to toddler! Happy Thursday!


  1. So awesome! It amazes me too, how much they can understand while not being able to speak. Learning is phenomenal at this age! :)


    Georgie JUST finally started communicating phrases and she is 21 months old. She has a few hundred words but seemed incapable of putting them together. day...she started singing....FROZEN. "let it gooooo...let it goooo". I almost died and am now convinced I am the world's most neglectful mother that my child learns more from disney than me. LOL.
    Before you know it, Boone won't stop talking! That is certainly where we are at with Jaxen.

  3. Kelly, I have actually heard of two babe's whose first words were, "let it go". Ha. We don't watch movies around here. Calder absolutely refuses. He will watch a show, but not a movie. That's a whole other post!


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