Running Update

I am still at it!

I spent a 4 runs on week 5 day 2 (run 8, walk 5 twice). I did a couple of these runs outside at the lake and it was marvellous. Well, the outside part anyway. I took Calder for the first run, which was a huge mistake. He rode his run bike while I ran. I had to stop approximately 20 times to wait for him to catch up, or help him get his Crocs on. And I spent the rest of the time egging him on! Lesson learned!

When I got home I psyched myself up for week 5 day 3 (run 20) on Wednesday. I hopped on the treadmill and was exhausted at 1.5 minutes. It was brutal. I was running the same speed I had been before (5 mph), but I couldn't even get to 8 minutes. I completely crapped out.

Today, I decided that although I want to be fast, I need to get running first. I slowed down to 4.5 mph and was able to do the 20 minutes. I was pumped all morning! Yeah me!

I flipped to the next workout to see what was in store for Monday and it is run 5, walk 3, jog 8, walk 3, jog 5. WHAT?!?!  That seems way easier than run 20? Walking breaks are awesome!

I am going to try and run one more time at 4.5 mph for 20 minutes before I move on - but when I do move on, I will amp it back up to 5 mph since there are walking breaks!

As for getting my pre-pregnacy body back, these last few pounds are hanging on TIGHT. I have been stuck at the same place for a solid 3 weeks. I know it isn't all about the number, but my muffin top is telling me there are still a few to lose! LOL! And if you see me and don't notice a muffin top, it is only because I have my jeans pulled up over my belly button, or I have my no-name Spanks on! I am doing a good job of eating healthier and subsequently have been feeling much better about myself. I know it will come, but patience isn't my strongest trait! My brother's wedding is in August and I want to be in tip-top shape :-)

In other news, I have inspired Hugh to start running! Yeah!!!  We will probably never run together, since the speed I run at is only a slightly brisk walk for him, but I am excited nevertheless!

Have a great weekend!


  1. The couch to 5K program is seriously the best! Have you joined the facebook page? I found there is tons of support on there. Congrats on the 20 minute run! When I completed it I felt such victory! And almost wished we had streamers coming down like on the Biggest Loser show lol :)
    The couch to 5K has been a long time ago for us now (Eric and I) as I ended up with neck troubles after finishing (the jarring of running doesn't seem to agree with me, guess I will stick to walking!!) but I remember how wonderful it was to get through each day and the "runner's high" was incredible. Good for you!!!


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