Buster Days

We spent a fun filled Saturday in Martensville at Buster Days. We took in a pancake breakfast, the parade, and had lunch at the ball diamonds. We then spent over 2 hours with Calder and his buddy Dylan at the bouncy houses!

The most memorable moment of the day for me happened in a port-a-potty. Calder had to go while in the midst of bouncy castle heaven.  Calder asks A LOT of questions these days, so I gladly described the inner workings of a port-a-potty to him while he did his business. When he was done, I decided to use the facilities as well. My hands have been getting so dry from the excessive washing these days that I have become an expert at limiting the number of times it has to be done! If I use the washroom at the same time as Calder or immediately after I change Boone's diaper, I save myself a wash (sounds a bit on the crazy side as I write it!).

In public, while I do my business, I always leave Calder to pull up his pants on his own. This is a survival technique. When we leave our house we have a rule with Calder that he has to wear jeans. Yesterday, because it was so nice out he was in "nice" shorts. The similarity between these two things is a zipper and button. I can't tell you how many times I have prevented Calder from opening a public washroom stall door while I am seating on the porcelain throne by not doing up his pants for him until after I have finished!

Yesterday as Calder worked on his shorts, he began to ask me questions about washing hands. Outside these particular port-a-potty's they had a portable sink and I began telling him how there is a petal you pump with your foot to make the water come out. He asked me if we could use soap and I told him that there would be soap at the sink as well. At this point, Calder looked down at the round, blue urinal cake in the urinal, announced, "I have the soap" and picked it up! I started frantically yelling, and Calder reluctantly set it back in the urinal. I then began repeating, "Don't touch anything" over and over while I stood up and got myself organized. Well, saying "Don't touch anything" had the opposite affect and Calder started touching EVERYTHING. I quickly began to tell him that men stand and pee in that "sink" and so he touched the "soap" that everyone had peed on. Calder got the most disgusted look on his face. He looked down at his hand and promptly wiped his palm all down the front of his shirt.

Sigh. So much for "Don't touch anything"!


  1. Alright... so you're a genius. Keeping him working on his pants while you pee is pure genius. Thank you for this tip!

    And I totally pee to save the hand wash too... not crazy.

    ...AND thank you for the laugh. I'm sure that it wasn't that funny at the time, but the whole scene in my head is fantastic! Poor Calder! :)


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