Father's Day

I am very lucky to have grown up with an involved dad. He played an important role in raising me.

It wasn't luck that got me an incredible father for my children. I had my hand in picking him out. Well, in the very least it wasn't ALL luck ;-)

Father's Day, as with Mother's Day, is a very emotionally charged day for me. I had my moments. Happy and sad. I feel extremely fortunate to have my father in my life. I feel a powerful love when I see Hugh with Calder and Boone. And I feel a deep sadness when I think of what Tripp and Hugh are both missing out on. The Bloggess wrote a post I really connected to on Mother's Day. It is one of her more serious variety and if you feel like I do on these days, you may enjoy it. It's titled "Happy Whatever".

We went to Tripp's tree. Hugh and I sat on the bench while Calder played with his best girl, Emery, from next door. Hugh snapped a couple shots of Boone and I as we waited for Calder to make his way over, but Emery came over first and needed to go to the washroom. We high-tailed it home before we got to take a picture!

This is the picture I got framed for our house, Hugh's office at work, and both our dads.

Happy Father's Day.


  1. BEAUTIFUL photo.. what a frameworthy shot to decorate all those spaces!

    I also love the one of you and Boone by Tripp's tree. <3


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