My Top 5 Favorite Drinks (In no particular order!)

  1. Milk (3.25%, please!)
  2. Beer (I will take a side of orange juice with that and if there is none I will settle for clamato!)
  3. Ginger Ale (I just started liking pop at Christmas. We put ginger ale into my Grandma's slush recipe!)
  4. Coffee (There is this new International Delight Creamer that is divine - Mocha Almond Fudge. I could drink a whole pot if we have that creamer. Yummy! I also love Southern Butter Pecan.)
  5. Water (Yes, this is a bit boring, but when a girl is thirsty there is nothing better!)
What are your favs?


  1. This is a good list I also loooovve diet coke!!

  2. Milk. It's killing me to not drink my normal amount right now. And for a special treat: Vanilla milk.

    Yes. There's a reason I teach Elementary school... ;)

    Or pineapple juice. Or raspberry juice. Delish!:)

  3. 1. coffee
    2. Red Wine (malbecs are awesome)
    3. Rye and Ginger Ale
    4. Vanilla Almond milk
    5. Sparkling mineral water (in glass bottle, to me it tastes different in plastic! could be in my mind...)

  4. 1. Tim's coffee with cream
    2. coconut almond milk with malibu and pinapple juice (If icould have this one at work it might be #1)
    3. Water
    4. almond milk

    And 3.25% seriously!?! Doesnt it taste like you are drinking cream?!


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