Weekend in Tisdale

The first in-family hockey battle was this past Friday night in Tisdale.  The Shellbrook Elks vs Tisdale Ramblers.  Hugh vs Luke.  

The battle between the boys started earlier in the week when Hugh asked Calder to give Uncle Luke a wet kiss (this would give Calder the best chance of passing on his bronchitis to Luke) and Luke kept offering Hugh chocolate bars.

Friday night, we all hoped in the van after work and headed to the game.  The first period was a tight battle between the two teams, with the Rambler's goalie holding them in the game.  The second and third periods were not nearly as tight and, in fact, at times, got a bit out of control.  At one point, the Elk's goalie came out to play the puck and was ran over by a Rambler player. The Elks responded on the next shift by taking a slap shot at the Rambler bench.  Luke may still be mad about that one.  Final score: 10 - 3 Elks.  

The next day during Hugh's 4 hour nap (yes, you read correctly), Mom, Dad, Calder and I headed out for some fresh air.  Calder LOVES his Grandpa (whom he calls Papa).  Calder followed him around and helped him throw Jose his ball.

As you look at these pictures, you may be wondering.  Hmmmm.....where is Cleo?


Ughhh.  On Friday night, after I dropped the two "big" boys off at the rink, I turned to Calder and said, "now we get to go see Grandma, Grandpa, and Jose."  No sooner had I said Jose, than I realized we were one body short in the van.  I have replayed this 100 times in my head.  I had my boots and coat on. I took one last trip upstairs to turn off lights and grab Cleo's food.  When I saw her food container was empty, Hugh and I had a quick conversation that resulted in Cleo eating Jose's food on the weekend.  I ran down the stairs, out the door and into the van.  Cleo-less.

As I drive, I start to problem solve.  My first instinct is to head out and go get her.  I convince myself that she is fine until morning.  We will get her then.  My second thought goes to, "who can look after her".  I remember that friends of ours', Jordan and Danielle are going to be around for the weekend.  I make a quick call and Jordan agrees to take her.  Cleo is saved!  Thanks to Danielle for some fancy work getting our garage door to open.  I believe she had to wiggle the battery, stand on one foot and hold her breath while entering the code before it finally opened.   We owe them FOREVER.  


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