New things Calder is doing in November

So, I was just glancing back through my posts and the New Things Calder is Doing post from the start of October caught my eye.  The items on that list seem old now and it is only been a month and a half.  It is amazing how quickly they learn things and even more amazing how quickly I forget.

Here is the November list:

1.  Calder now rarely signs please, but is saying it on his own (sometimes with some gentle encouragement!).

2.  He says Thank-You.  Sounds like "yah yah", but he is consistent with it.

3.  He RUNS up and down our hall.  Sometimes pushing some big truck and other times just flying on his own.  Hugh and I just hold our breath and wait for the occasional wipe out.

4.  Calder knows what a time-out is and a threat of one can often deter whatever "no-no" he is doing, It may stop him from standing on the couch, climbing on the table, or throwing his cars just to name a few of his favorites.

5.  Calder aggressively head butts adults and kids, alike, when he doesn't get his way.  The head butting started with gentle head love taps with Hugh.  It is now progressed to an assertive behavior that we are working to get rid of.

6. Calder now can jump.  Hooray!  Although, the attempts were SO FUNNY!  He likes to have someone jumping with him and often times drags Hugh out with him.


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