Sharing is something that we are continually dealing with, as I am sure most parents with toddlers are.  Calder does o.k. with sharing.  And by o.k., I mean he only occasionally rips toys out of other children's hands and sometimes shares what he's eating with others.

We definitely have hit some roadblocks when it comes to sharing.  Calder knows the word "mine" and isn't afraid to use it.  As well, we don't have as many play dates at our house as we do at others.  It is one thing to share someone else's toys, and an other to share your own.

When it is all said and done, I should have been pleased by the sharing Calder was doing this morning.  He had his treat cup held out for our dog, Cleo.   Cleo had her entire snout in the cup as her tongue washed out the inside, cleaning up any Cheerios that came it's way.

Instead of being pleased with this great example of sharing, I was entirely grossed out.

When Cleo was done getting what she could out of the cup, Calder stuck his hand back in the cup and pulled out a couple she had missed.  And yes.  He ate them.


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