Calder almost didn't make it out for his first trick-or-treating (Although, I think Hugh may have went without him, he was so excited).  Calder just REFUSED to put his costume on (we had even done a trial run on Friday) and by refused, I do mean REFUSED.  He cried, he screamed, he trashed and he cried some more.  Hugh and I were even bribing him with his favorite thing....going outside and we were having no luck at all.  Thankfully my mom was here with some glow sticks.  The new toy seemed to do the trick.  It didn't hurt that Calder's friend Dylan showed up dressed in his tiger costume.  A little bribery and some peer pressure seemed to do the trick.

Calder did a great job of walking with Hugh, Dylan and Chris (Dylan's dad).  Mom and I were able to watch them hit the houses from our front window.  There was only one minor setback when Calder pulled a grave out of our neighbors lawn.  I was glad Chris was there to intervene, as Hugh was already at the door of the next house.  

Thanks to my mom and dad, Calder has a new found love of Smarties.  Calder would grab a box from our candy bowl in the entrance, race upstairs, and hand them to either one of my parents.  They were more than happy to open them for him and pass them out.  I preferred when Calder took them to my Dad to open, because it usually ended up being 8 Smarties for my dad, 2 for Calder.  Five boxes is probably enough for any one and a half year old.

In other news, Calder has found a new game.  He pushes one of his larger trucks down the hall, gets some speed going, and slides on his knees.  Today, Hugh thought he would get Calder started by demonstrating a few runs.  Calder thought it was hilarious to see Hugh sliding down our hallway (it was funny and, quite frankly, strange all at the same time).  The fun quickly came to a stop on Hugh's 5th run down the hall.  Just as I was saying "you don't need to encourage little boys to rip holes in their pants...they do that on their own," Hugh sheepishly looked up and pointed to the newly made hole in the knee of his jeans.  Ugh.  


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