Ten Dollars Well Spent

This morning Calder and I made the 1/2 hour round trip to Osler to pick up some mini cars (or dinky cars as Hugh likes to call them).

Calder loves playing with cars.  He only has 6 or 8, so Hugh and I thought it might be time to invest in a few more.  Hugh remembers having dozens as a kid and I know my brother, Luke, had dozens as well.

I showed Calder the cars when we picked them up and he quickly hoarded 3 or 4 in his car seat.  When we got home I gathered them up and threw them in the sink to give them a quick scrub (they were very clean, but Calder put one in his mouth on the way home, so I thought it couldn't hurt!).

Calder was so excited.  He kept running back to the sink signing "more" and "please" and saying "more".  We worked on saying and signing "thank-you" as I washed and dried the 30 cars we had picked up.

He is currently stacking the cars on top of each other, loading them into a tub and pushing it around, climbing into the car filled tub and all the while making a variety of car noises.

He is in a mini-car utopia.


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