Four Years

Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary. Hugh and I were able to head out for lunch together yesterday as we had our division start-up downtown.   We walked around enjoying the 30 degree sunshine and finally settled on Ding Dongs a Vietnamese restaurant next to the mall.  We ordered spring rolls as an appetizer (Hugh was starving) and we each got a yummy noodle bowl.  When we were done, Hugh went down and ordered another order of spring rolls and a bowl of won ton soup.  He ate it all.  

Did I mention the soup was for 2?  

When our server brought the soup, Hugh commented what a big spoon it came with.  The server didn't understand what he was talking about as she put two bowls and two spoons on the table.  I was finally able to communicate to her, that the soup would only be eaten by Hugh and I was also able to communicate to Hugh that the big spoon that he was going to eat with was not a spoon at all.  It was the ladle.

I wanted to take advantage of being downtown by getting a cupcake from The Cupcake Conspiracy.    Hugh downed his before I was even half done and declared that he was so full he wanted to puke.  I was also very full and didn't want the last third of my cupcake.  Hugh crushed it in one bite.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! i LOVE the cupcake conspiracy and am now craving vietnamese. Yeesh.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Porky! :)


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